Band Aids for Broken Hearts

Christy Price, missionary and Butterfly leader in Nairobi, Kenya sent this powerful testimony following her first LUV Discipleship training in Orlando. Christy and her sister Jody minister to women and teens in the slums of Nairobi. Her report paints a vivid picture of ministry in Africa and how Jesus alone is their answer for broken hearts...

I have often been asked why we are not with a larger organization in Africa. Wouldn’t it be safer for us?  Wouldn’t we have better support?  While the answer to both these questions are “yes,” the fact remains, while most of the world’s largest humanitarian aid projects focus on Africa, there is little to no change in the problems facing Africans today.


More Butterflies open their voices to bring hope to the poor and needy

God is opening the voices of women believers all over the world whose hearts have been broken and are now being healed and restored to speak out on His behalf.

Proverbs 31:8-9 urges us to “Open your voice on behalf of those who have no voice, on behalf of the poor and the needy.”

Yet how can we open our voices to help the poor and needy  if our own hearts are broken or distracted.  Jesus taught that it’s “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34).  If our hearts are broken or filled with the desires of this world, women speak from a heart of bitterness, sorrow, unbelief, anger, shame, fear, pride, discontent.  But once Jesus heals our hearts and fills our hearts with His love and truth, our mouths speak out His praise with joy and gladness bringing hope and comfort to others.


Brokeness to Purpose – India Butterflies are Multiplying

After 5 years it is really encouraging so see the women’s personal growth in the Lord, and their zeal as they reach and train other women. In each city there is multiplication to at least four generations of women reaching women.  The greatest increase is among the poor, the down cast, the outcast and the broken hearted.

Personal experience and the opportunity to experience six years of ministry among women I see more and more how God seems to allow brokenness to pierce the hard shell of our hearts, so that He can plant the seed of His word and His Spirit in hearts ready to acknowledge their brokenness, their inability to fix themselves and their total dependency on the Lord. (more…)