Liz Dickson is the founder and executive director of Love UnVeiled (LUV), a non-profit ministry registered in the state of Florida, U.S.A. in 2007, whose purpose is to transform women into God’s image of beauty and equip and empower them to multiply His kingdom in the world.

Raised in a Christian home in Edinburgh, Scotland Liz gave her heart to Jesus at the age of nine after hearing the story of a young Indian girl who followed Jesus at great personal cost. At age twelve Liz moved with her family to Preston, Lancashire, U.K., where her family still reside and where Liz spent her teenage years and early twenty’s before moving to Greece.

Since then Liz has worked and traveled globally in over 55 countries in a secular capacity and in world missions.  During her travels, God broke her heart with the pain of women worldwide. Her encounters with women in the slums, women with HIV, women in sex trafficking, and women living in fear, abuse and oppression in almost every country, exposed her to deep levels of brokenness among women in every continent.  Through these encounters with women and her own personal journey through pain, healing and freedom, God put a passion in Liz’s heart to raise up women in the global church who would help women in their own countries and communities find love, hope, healing and freedom in Jesus.  She was challenged by Lauren Cunningham, founder of WYAM in his book Why Not Women, who confirmed her experience that two thirds of the world wide church is women yet most women believers are not equipped or empowered to reach the lost or heal the broken hearted.

In 2007 God gave Liz a simple analogy of His power to transform women using the caterpillar to butterfly. His words were “millions of my daughters are living like caterpillars, and I want to set them free to fly.” At that moment Liz knew God’s call was to reach the world by transforming, equipping and empowering women who would join her in healing the broken hearted and setting captives free.  She has written a book, The Butterfly Story, and a 3 year curriculum teaching women their true God given identity and purpose; to bear His image and multiply His glory.  Today, Liz leads women all over the world to experience healing and a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of His Holy Spirit and His word. In October 2017, Liz and Butterfly leaders from Love UnVeiled worldwide gathered in Orlando, Florida to celebrate what God has done through 10 years of The Butterfly Effect. Love UnVeiled continues fulfilling God’s mission to transform, equip, empower and set women free to multiply and make disciples in India, S.E Asia, Europe, Africa, Central and South America, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

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