We believe that each individual has been created by God as a unique and valuable person. We are loved beyond measure to fulfill a purpose that exists only for us. Our lives are transparent before God. We are sinners who are inadequate before God, destined to an eternity without Christ because of sin.

We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s only son who died for our sins, was buried, and arose from the dead. Salvation is God’s wonderful gift to those who repent. He offers the forgiveness of sin through his son, Jesus, when we ask in faith trusting in his death on the cross. Forgiveness and eternal life are offered to all who ask, no matter what we have done. Upon salvation God gives us the Holy Spirit to indwell us, which enables us to have the power and strength to live a life that pleases God. Christ is active in our lives and lovingly transforms us, by giving us hope in a fallen world and the strength to live abundant lives through his power.

There is one true God who has created all things and who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Spirit. The Bible is God’s Word, trustworthy and true, and is the supreme authority for what we believe and how we live our lives.

We believe in the spiritual unity of true believers in Christ. The church is the body of Christ with the task to teach and edify believers and to reach out to those who need Christ. God has commanded his people to go into every part of the world to make disciples, to baptize, and to teach others what it means to live obedient and abundant lives in Christ. Christ will one day return to earth and reign, and as His children, we will reign forever with him.