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I gave a testimony about the blessings of the Love Unveiled seminar last Sunday in my church service. I used butterfly puppets, and the heart puzzle. I testified that I had previously only one wing (truth) and could no longer fly.

Like the servant who received the 5 talents, I thought that I had to make the most of the opportunity that Liz came to Japan, and I focused on the works, I was doing it with my own effort and hard work, and even though I was praying, I wasn’t completely entrusting myself to the Holy Spirit. When I had a high fever, I realized that God had removed my unnecessary thoughts and that with the help of others, God had come up with a better plan. 

Also, the day after the seminar, Liz led me in a prayer to God. After I told God about the hurt in my heart and prayed for forgiveness and blessings for the person who had hurt me, I realized that I could not understand the depth of the hurt in the other person’s heart. As Liz led me in a prayer to God, l realized how deep the hurt was in the heart of the person I couldn’t empathize with emotionally. I was now able to feel this emotion, and I started to feel sorry for him and pray for him. God is healing my heart and setting me free. I am grateful that the Lord used my testimony in church, even though they do not understand the need for two wings, Spirit and Truth!”

Japan Butterfly

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