Penny, Jail Ministry, Florida

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“I was invited to the Love Unveiled program training and to help with one on one mentoring of the ladies in the LUV Program at the Martin County Jail.  I had been ministering in Bible study on Sunday evenings at the jail and thought this would help me in ministering in a deeper way to the ladies. Little did I know that this Love Unveiled training was going to minister so deeply to my own mind and spirit!

Over the next month’s my knowledge of the Word grew as well as my friendship and personal sharing with the other women taking this course.  As we learned to share openly with one another in this non judging atmosphere, the Spirit began to reveal to each of us the healing He wanted to do in each of our lives.  He began to reveal deep roots of hurt, fear, abandonment, pride in each of our lives.  As He gently worked in us, He began to heal and transform our hearts and minds, enabling each of us to receive His love, mercy, and deep healing.  

As I allowed the Spirit to reach into my spirit and remove the roots of fear that I didn’t even realize were there, I experienced His joy and peace and presence in new and wonderful ways.  I learned to listen more to His voice and allow Him to direct me in my relationships with others.  I learned to listen for His direction in ministering to the ladies at the jail and saw Him work in their lives in wonderful ways. The ladies in this ongoing training have become my spiritual sisters.  We prayed, laughed, cried, studied, worshiped together.  We now support one another in our needs and are seeing the Lord work in wonderful ways.  Love Unveiled is an amazing journey we are on together.  

We thank you, Liz for your prayers and all you do in obedience to our Lord to bring His love and healing to women all around the world.  We also thank our LUV conference leaders, Tanya and Shelley for sharing their hearts and their love with us.”

Penny, Jail Ministry, Florida

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