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God is opening the voices of women believers all over the world whose hearts have been broken and are now being healed and restored to speak out on His behalf.

Proverbs 31:8-9 urges us to “Open your voice on behalf of those who have no voice, on behalf of the poor and the needy.”

Yet how can we open our voices to help the poor and needy  if our own hearts are broken or distracted.  Jesus taught that it’s “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34).  If our hearts are broken or filled with the desires of this world, women speak from a heart of bitterness, sorrow, unbelief, anger, shame, fear, pride, discontent.  But once Jesus heals our hearts and fills our hearts with His love and truth, our mouths speak out His praise with joy and gladness bringing hope and comfort to others.

We are His fragrance. (2 Corinthians 2:14-15).  But if is often in the crushing process of our own lives, when our hearts have been most broken, that His perfume in us becomes the most sweet, rising up to touch others. This was the experience of our new Butterflies who joined us for a 5 day training this week in Orlando.

More Butterflies take flight: The general expectation from the women who joined us for this training was to learn how to open their mouths to help other women. What they didn’t expect was that the journey to opening their mouths would come as they experienced their own deeper healing, freedom and intimacy with Jesus.  At the end of 5 days we were once again amazed by the work of the Holy Spirit in each woman’s life as each one experienced deeper spiritual transformation and freedom.

And so we rejoice that nine more women left us to become powerful voices for God’s glory and to be His ministers in Orlando, Boston, Honduras, Russia, other parts of South and Central America and possibly Japan. 

Butterflies Reports from around the World: It was exciting to receive reports from Butterflies in Poland and India during our Orlando training.  God is working to fulfill the vision He gave us in October 2012 to “Reach as Many as We Can in the Next Five years.”

Report from Poland.  Poland is a secular country which Jagoda our Butterfly leader tells us has lost its passion and dependence on God since gaining freedom from Communism.  People have little interest in hearing about God and have become very self dependent and materialistic, much like western Europe.  Our Polish Butterflies have a passion to reach women but secularism keeps most women defensive and disinterested in hearing about God. The email from Jagoda is evidence that God is working through our Butterflies to make a way into Polish women’s hearts. God’s love works powerfully through our faithfulness and obedience.  Please pray for our Polish Butterflies as they bring His hope and spiritual freedom to Polish women.

Hello Liz,greetings from Poland. Dorota finished the translation of the Butterfly flipchart. We need God’s wisdom to make a good Polish version. I sent you the picture of Agata. I met her in the church. She is HR director, but she is burned out because of her job. I decided to share with her the Transformation story using the Butterfly flipchart in the very simple way. God used it and next Sunday she came to the service with the butterfly’s brooch pinned to her jacket!  So I took her picture to send you and say thank you for your ministry.

With Dorota Ś we decided to have our first Butterfly training November 8-11. Please pray for all preparations. Women from two churches invited me to have a training for women from their churches in the Autumn, so God is working!!

Dear Liz, Greetings in Jesus name from India.  In last days I trained my Butterfly Trainers for 4 days how to teach their butterflies. Many women are getting excited to get the training and this need really brings me on my knees as how to train those who are on different levels of maturity. Let me tell you God is doing amazing things in the lives of our butterflies in unexpected ways. This weekend 15th June I am planning if Lord willing, to visit Butterfly Coordinators to keep them focused and encourage them, please keep this meeting in prayer.  God is moving with His power here and I believe He is doing the same there with you. Praying for you too. God be with you.

Please continue to pray for our new butterflies who left us this week to return to their homes, families, and  deeper walk with Jesus.  This is the time the enemy comes in like a flood to kill steal and destroy all they have learned and embraced this week. Pray that the testing will be the strengthening and proof of their faith.

Pray for our Butterflies in Peru, S.E Asia, UK, and Africa. Pray their wings will be strong to fly in freedom of His Spirit and Truth.

Yours with warm love in our Lord Jesus


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