October SE Asia / Japan Trip

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Dear partner and friend,  

All over the world, the SPIRIT IS MOVING! While the world shakes with current events, we are witnessing God building His everlasting, never shaken kingdom in the hearts of women. We are seeing deliverance, deep healing and freedom taking place all over the world!  

October was a powerful month of God moving in our workshops, commissioning groups, Let’s Get Real event with 140 women, and a two-week ministry trip to S.E Asia and Japan! 

My last training visit to a closed country in S.E Asia was in 2013. This October I returned with LUV Leaders Pat and Cathi, to see what God has done and to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of commissioning the first group of 16 leaders who completed their 3.5 year Discipleship training in October 2013. 

Wow! What a work God has done! 120 LUV leaders, representing 1000s of new butterflies, attended our 3-day LUV conference (in a huge tent) for our Level 6 Workshop – “PREPARING THE HEART OF THE BRIDE.”

Pat – Going back to see a full harvest through all the planting was incredibleWe saw 120 leaders; we didn’t see the 1000s they are discipling who have been changed and set free. 30% of the leaders are under age 30. This is hope for the future! 

They draped the tent in beauty. They were getting dressed to meet the bridegroom. It was moving to see their readiness. They came with their lamps full. They were not preoccupied with chit chat. Their need brought them to a place of hunger and readiness for Him.”

It was 96F in the tent and felt like 196F!  But the power of the Holy Spirit moving through the room was more powerful than the unbearable heat!  We witnessed at least two powerful movements of the Holy Spirit sweeping through the whole room touching every woman, revealing pain and ongoing suffering, but also bringing healing, deliverance, freedom, and deeper intimacy with the Bridegroom!  It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life!  

Cathi – “We were in a huge tent, but it was a place of safety for the women. Safe to share incredibly horrible stories. The Holy Spirit made it safe for them, it was a “secret place.” For women from the Mountains it was a big moment. They felt valued and acknowledged. They were staying at the church, sleeping on floors and benches!”

We were in awe seeing firsthand the INCREDIBLE multiplication taking place in that part of the world, in a CLOSED country – under threat of persecution. 

They partner with the Holy Spirit and view the gospel as good news that must be shared! For example, two of our butterflies now live in China. They have hard lives. One was sold into marriage to a Chinese man. One has 7 children and a hard painful life. But they each have groups. They have a heart for other women living there who need God’s love and freedom!

There is much more persecution in the villages. But they are praying for the village heads and for the authorities. They pray intentionally for officials to see the love of God and to be changed. That’s why the church is growing! 

The women have been authentically transformed by Jesus, by His Spirit. There has been a trade off in the secret place – a Divine Exchange. Women in the villages are now living in a different way and others see their Christ-like behavior and responses. 

God is moving through these transformed women who are spreading His fragrance in their own country and across its borders to other countries! 


From S.E Asia we flew to Japan for vision casting, inner healing and seed sowing with a group of 15 women. Cathi shared “In SE Asia I saw the harvest after 10 years of planting – in Japan I saw the vision casting and the beginning of the new harvest!” Praise God the Spirit is moving! 

We have been praying for Japan for 10 years since 2013! So we were very excited to deliver 50 brand new translated and printed Japanese Butterfly Story books to women in Japan. 

Japan is an open country, but also the largest unreached people group in the world with the highest rate of suicide. The women believers attending the vision casting shared there is no place to be vulnerable in their culture. But the Holy Spirit offered a safe place, opening hearts, exposing pain, and bringing healing and freedom in our 2 days there. Several will now join LUV discipleship groups with Sachiko and Tani, two of our Japanese butterflies. Others will join an online group with LUV leader Rochelle in Orlando. 

Would you join us in praying for the continued multiplication in the S.E Asia country, and for the new work God is doing through women in Japan!    

  • For anointing, provision and protection for “T” in SE Asia, leading the ministry, and workshops this weekend for 350 mountain women and next week for 75 women.
  • For anointing and boldness for Sachiko in Japan starting a new LUV group this month and Tani leading a group for Japanese Brazilian women there.
  • For completion of Japanese translation of LUV Workbook One Discipleship Transform & Multiply Manuals. 

We are so grateful for your faithful prayers and support. The needs are greater than ever and your partnership is vital in helping women around the world experience transformation and multiplication. Translations, cost of printing, training and transportation are just a few of our immediate needs. You can donate by clicking the ‘Give’ button in the menu above or by visiting loveunveiled.org/donate 

God is on the Move!  To HIM be ALL the Glory! 

Thank you for praying and investing with us to build the Kingdom of God by equipping and empowering women to make disciples around the world!


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director

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