Butterfly Hospital

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Hear what our butterflies are saying about the ‘Butterfly Hospital‘.

Put behind you every bible study you’ve ever done and get ready to experience Jesus healing, freedom and transformation. Why does it take 3 years? It takes time. There are so many layers to take off. It can’t be rushed.” — LUV Butterfly

“This is a journey of discovery to live the life God created me for. On the journey you learn about yourself and discover God’s love, not in theory but in a personal real way.  Transformation can happen suddenly but it takes time to grow into the transformed person, to be conscious of the transformation and the implications. It’s a long term process.” — LUV Butterfly

“I have learned that to know God is to love God, to love God is to trust God, to trust God is freedom. freedom allows me to serve others unconditionally. In these workshops I have learned more about God and His love for me, which has transformed me and frees me. It’s not just words, I have found that it is true.” — LUV Butterfly

“This is an intimate journey with Jesus, a transformation process and I don’t know how long it will take. Sometimes He is there to encourage, to reveal, to heal, to give revelation and understanding. Bottom line is He is all I need.  I need Him so much on this journey in every aspect of my life. I can only have intimacy when I spend time with Him alone and as we encourage each other in personal testimony of our journey with Him.” — LUV Butterfly

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