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In the many times I traveled to India, my greatest motivation was knowing that our Indian Butterfly sisters considered our workshops their time in “Butterfly Hospital“.  They were all believers, women seeking to follow Jesus intimately and to be transformed, equipped and empowered to bring His Kingdom to women in India.  But along the way, they experienced the battles and wounds that come from ministry, work and family.  They needed a safe place to heal, to be refreshed and strengthened to continue the work God had called them to do.

Our Butterflies worldwide have taken up the name “Butterfly Hospital” to describe our workshops. As they progress through our 3 year Leader and Discipleship journey they look forward every 6 months to come to a place of refuge, healing, restoration and renewal, a place where God heals their broken wings and restores their spirit helping them to fly higher.

That is exactly what happened two weekends ago when I asked for your prayer covering for our Butterfly leaders coming from Orlando and S. Florida to their fourth Leader and Discipleship Workshop – or Butterfly Hospital.

Without exception, each woman came weary, broken and hurting from the struggles of life in the workplace, ministry and family. The attacks and lies of the enemy had taken their toll on each one. It is these troubles Jesus warned us to expect. But we need a place of healing, a place to strengthen our faith in the trials.

Praise God He promises that as we seek His face He will be found by us, (Jeremiah 29:13-14) He will come to us like rain (Hosea 6:3). In Hebrew “to be found” means “He will burst forth in deliverance.

Last weekend we sought the Lord together and as we were seeking His face in His word, in worship and in prayer He burst forth in each woman’s heart pouring out light and truth, transforming, healing and restoring what the world, the flesh and the devil had sought to steal, kill and destroy.

Each woman left our Butterfly workshop transformed by time in God’s presence, better equipped in His word, and empowered by His Spirit and wisdom to return to their work, ministry and families in His strength, to be His light and continue building His Kingdom.

Today I start another 4 day workshop with Butterfly leaders, women serving the Lord in France and the US with all their hearts, and seeking His face above all others. They too come weary and in need of spiritual refreshment, encouragement and restoration. This is their 6th workshop and they have traveled from near and far to pursue God and to be further equipped and empowered by Him so they can reach women in their communities.

Would you join me in praying for our workshop today through Monday

Pray for these faithful women serving the Lord with their whole heart in the workplace, ministry and family; Linda, Kathy, Shelly, Geneva, Tanya, Marie Carmen, Lisa, Masako.

Pray that individual hearts and minds will be healed and restored from heavy loads and sorrows.

Pray each one will receive spiritual refreshing and renewal to continue setting women free in the US and globally.

Pray that as we pursue God intimately and seek His face, He will come to us like rain!

Pray the Holy Spirit will lead our time in the word with revelation and spiritual understanding to help us minister in His power to reach and disciple others in Spirit and Truth.

Pray a hedge of protection around each of us, our families and our LUV building during this time.

If you are feeling bruised and battered from the wounds of the world today, I hope you will find comfort and healing in this beautiful song by Karen Williams, This Is Freedom, with scenes from the Magdalena Movie Through Her Eyes.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers!


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