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Dear friend, 

Last week I wrote, “We have not been this way before” – not knowing that we were about to experience a hurricane in the middle of two Workshops! 

Contrary to initial forecasts that the storm would hit Orlando last Monday, we were able to complete our 4 day workshop with minimal impact. Sadly, Tanya who leads our South Florida jail ministry, was unable to join us in Orlando as Dorian was forecast to make a direct hit on her town. Instead she joined us on Face Time – another first. It was not the same as being present together to experience the presence of the Lord in our workshops. But we were grateful for the part technology played when needed! 

Tonight I am again thankful that we are able to go ahead with our next workshop starting tomorrow morning. 13 women coming from around the US have been anxiously waiting to see if Hurricane Dorian would affect their trip here. We prayed that God would have mercy on our butterflies who need this time of healing and renewal in Butterfly Hospital. It seemed a small ask in the face of a big storm, but tonight I thank the Lord for His grace to His daughters as they all arrived safely by air and road, from California, Missouri, New York and North Carolina! It could have been very different. We have prayed for our neighbors in the Bahamas throughout the storm, and our hearts are broken for the lives lost and the devastation to so many families, homes and businesses there. We are humbled and grateful for the undeserved blessing of Dorian moving off the coast of Florida. We pray for others affected by the storm along the eastern coast. 

Thank you for praying for our workshop last weekend. The heartbeat of our ministry is to help women experience freedom to live the abundant life Jesus promised, whatever our circumstances. Dorian was a reminder of the giant storms which appear out of nowhere, in any form and can affect any of our lives at any time. In our workshop the Holy Spirit gave us fresh insight from God’s word to the Israelites as they prepared to enter the land He had promised to give them – a land inhabited by unknown enemies, strongholds and giants. 

In essence God’s instructions were “drive out, destroy, demolish, dispossess, – be strong, be very courageous, dwell, possess, inherit, rest” ! (Numbers 33 & 34, Joshua 1). Strong words of encouragement for us today as we face storms and giants of fear, shame, doubt, worry, anxiety, devastation and heartache. We are reminded that Jesus our Joshua has driven out, destroyed, demolished and dispossessed the enemy’s power to destroy us. He has given us His very precious promises on which we can firmly stand in the storm, He has given us His Spirit as a guarantee of our inheritance, He has given us a place to dwell, under the shadow of His wings until the storm passes by, and a place of rest knowing that He has done all the work and our salvation is secure in Him. We can possess the abundant life knowing our identity, our purpose, our present and our future are in Him and with Him!    

As we begin our workshop, thank you for praying with me once again for the Holy Spirit to bring fresh revelation of these truths, and an increased measure of spiritual wisdom and understanding for each woman to receive the healing, spiritual nourishment and freedom she needs to live the abundant life Jesus has promised. Pray for power, boldness and opportunities for every woman to share His transforming love and His promises with others who are struggling in their own storms. 

May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you!

With grateful love 


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled
407 385 5796

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