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Lost​, Cheater, Gold Digger, Stupid, Unlovable, Slut, Bitch, Druggie, Depressed, Bad Mom, Thief, Not Pretty, Crazy, Haggard, Easy, Scary, Old, Ugly, Dumb Blonde, Whore, Mentally Ill, Failure, Bad, Conniving, Scared, Useless, Broken, Addict, Liar, Low Life, Defensive, Unforgiving, Negative, Stripper, Desperate, Mean, Angry, Criminal, Lost Cause, Selfish, Hopeless, Unsalvageable, Not Good Enough, Drunk

These are words women ​in a South Florida jail ​shared ​​with Tanya ​last week ​describing​ what others have called them, and how they see themselves.

​40 of these women prayed to receive Jesus as Savior last month when Tanya​ ​our Butterfly in South Florida shared the gospel and the ​Story of Transformation with them.​

​Only a limited number were allowed to meet with her weekly, so one Friday evening from 5:30-10:30pm Tanya left her family at home and went to the Jail to talk with and pray for​​ ​the women individually. She could only accept 16 in this first Butterfly group. There are already women on the waiting list for next time!

Tanya was a criminal defense attorney for 10 years. The emotional toll eventually became too much for her and she moved to another arena of law. However, since joining Love UnVeiled in November 2015 and experiencing her own freedom and healing, Tanya has had a heart to return to the criminal arena​ to minister in the jails and prisons.​

​Tanya is​ ​now meeting 16 out of the 40 new believers weekly for 12 weeks to disciple them and help them understand what it means to be a new creation, how to grow in their new nature​​​ and understand their new identity and freedom as daughters of God!

Tanya is one more woman who having experienced the transforming power of God ​healing and setting her free​,​ ​is stepping out with boldness and compassion to share His love and truth among others who are broken and oppressed. ​

Prayer Needs:We greatly value your prayer covering for Tanya and these new disciples!​

  • Pray for the 16 women Tanya is discipling every Monday leading them through LUV teaching for healing, identity, transformation and freedom.
  • Pray Tanya is filled with the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit to bring His truth​ ​​about who they are and who He is, ​alive in their hearts.
  • ​Pray for the women she is meeting individually on Friday nights too, they are so broken and hurting.
  • Pray the DVD player will work, it gives her trouble every time!
  • Pray for the correction officers at the jail. If someone isn’t following the rules they don’t let the person come to class. Yet if the person came to the class we believe this would help​ ​​transform ​their behavior.
  • Pr​ay the Holy Spirit will heal the​ women’s ​hearts​ and transform their minds before they leave the jail and prepare them to live their new life​in ​Jesus.
  • Pray they will believe with all their hearts that God has given them a new name​Daughter, Beloved,​ ​​Precious, ​​Forgiven, ​Redeemed, Restored,​​ ​N​o​ ​​L​onger Forsaken, Hephzibah “My delight is in you!” (Isaiah 62:4).

​Thank you so much for praying for Tanya and these new butterflies who are so very precious in God’s sigh!!!

In His Love,


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled

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