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Dear friend and partner,

The start of this year has not been a gradual build up but a leap into deep waters. My schedule has been full and sometimes overwhelming but the Lord is stretching us not only to walk on deeper water, but to drink more deeply in Him. Thank you for praying even when I can’t write to ask you. I know it is only prayer that allows us to experience God’s power to bring the Kingdom of God to women.

In early January we had our 4 day workshop with leaders from France, North Carolina and Orlando to multiply transformed disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gave fresh vision to some of our butterflies and boldness to fulfill the vision He has already given others;

Marie Carmen left Orlando inspired and encouraged in her vision to reach more women in France and French speaking countries. However, before arriving back home in France she missed 3 flight connections, lost her suitcase and had a harrowing 8 hours stranded in Atlanta when all flights were delayed or cancelled. While crossing the Atlantic Marie Carmen wrote “I thought of the Monarch butterfly flying to Mexico in the storms – It’s wings beaten and torn but it makes the journey to reproduce. I am like the Monarch, my wings are torn but I’m going back to France to reproduce!” 

Marie Carmen is one of many unshakable women whom God is transforming and strengthening in adversity to trust His love and fulfill His purposes no matter what.
Unshakable was the theme the Lord put in my heart for “Let’s Get Realour quarterly conference at Avalon Church last Saturday. Over 90 women from Avalon Church and other churches joined us in worship and to learn how to be be unshakable women in a shaking world. There was great spiritual opposition prior to and during the conference but God powerfully prevailed and the Holy Spirit ministered to many women who were deeply broken and hurting. Eight local butterflies shared their own journey of spiritual transformation and the battles they have experienced to shake them as they step out to minister to other women through the power of the Holy Spirit.

As women heard about God’s power to hold, heal and transform us in the storms, those who came shaking left with hope and a stronger faith that God can help them to be unshakable in their own trials and pain;

“He has revealed to me how to abide in Him and how to bear fruit. He showed me how to become unshakable!”
“It really struck me how much the Lord really loves me, His Daughter. God knew exactly what I needed and showed up in a powerful way. I was astounded how much God was speaking to my heart. He really does want us walking intimately with Him. He came to set the captives free and I used to be one of them.”

“Today I arrived very anxious with this seeming endless trial that I am in the midst of.  But I am learning to have peace as I learn to surrender it all to the Lord.  I shall overcome as I abide in & trust Him.  Thank you so much to all of you serving us!”

Prayer Needs:

Tonight I’m preparing for a 4 day workshop starting tomorrow (2/2), Friday – Monday. Please pray for this group of Orlando leaders;

Kathy and Linda starting a new group this week to bring spiritual freedom, healing and equipping a group of women in East Orlando.;

Renee and the 6 women she brought to our Conference last weekend, some of whom want to continue the journey of transformation;

Jennifer who is sharing the gospel in her workplace;

Shelly who is a great help with LUV video media and is a bright light and influence in her workplace amidst great opposition;

Tanya who God continues to use powerfully in her jail ministry – the final girl in her third jail group in S.Florida who had not yet received Jesus as Savior, received Jesus on my birthday last month! What a gift!

Tomorrow evening (Friday 2/2) I am privileged to speak at an 18-25s Open House outreach event at our church. I’ve been asked to share a gospel message.

Please pray the Holy Spirit will give me power to speak to the hearts of these young people and that He will draw them to Jesus if they don’t know Him.

Pray for strength and wisdom for Martha and our leaders in Indi@ setting women free to know their true value and identity, against great cultural opposition.

Pray for Marli in Brazil to have wisdom and spiritual understanding dealing with opposition and controlling spirits in her ministry in Brazil.
Pray our butterflies in every country will be women who are “Unshakable,” who know how to abide in Jesus and keep living and growing in the freedom of Gods love, His word and His Holy Spirit. Pray they will be empowered daily by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s transforming love to set women free to be who He created them to be!

Thank you!!!

With warm love in our Lord Jesus



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