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T​his testimony is very precious to me, from a butterfly who came to Florida from North Carolina last weekend for our training, Transform and Multiply. She allowed me to share this with you….

She is a believer in Jesus but for weeks she resisted both her husband who encouraged her to come, and our Butterfly leader who has invited her for 3 years! She resisted all the way up to the day before coming! Back home in North Carolina, her text today reminded me of the Woman at the Well!

Good morning Liz!!!  I just wanted to tell how much I loved being apart of this great mission. This weekend really helped me in so many areas in my life!!!!! The feeling of being free of all that junk is WONDERFUL!!!! A friend of mine texted me wanting to ​know if I was tanned coming back from Florida and I told her “no, ​but I was glowing in a different way”!!!!

I was able to share your butterfly story with my 17 year old and my 3 yr old wants it to be her bedtime story every night!!!!!   THANK YOU!!!
​ ​

​Another butterfly is transformed to multiply!  It is a great joy to witness the impact women are having as they are transformed by God’s love and set free to multiply in the power of His Holy Spirit.

Thank you Jesus for the power of the blood and the power of Your Holy Spirit to change and empower us.

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the Kingdom of the Son of His love!​ 
Colossians 1:13

Thankful, in His love
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