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Dear friend,

It was so exciting to read Anne’s report last week about what God did at the women’s conference in France. Today, Marie Carmen, Anne’s mother and the visionary behind the conference, sent me an email to thanking you for your prayers and giving. Her update is a powerful witness that even in a secular Western European country, God’s power is transforming women – and the result is multiplication!

Marie Carmen writes…​

​D​​ear co workers in what happened during the women conference in France. Your involvement has been so powerful!  T​hank you so much! 130 women came  ​from all over France, from very different backgrounds and ages but all present with an open heart to receive, all with a grateful attitude.

​The presence and moving of the Holy Spirit was obvious from ​the beginning to the end. The participants were so transparent and real, honest with their needs, and lives have been changed. I can very humbly tell you that it has not been “just a women’s conference” it has been a lot more – it has been a transforming one!

  • I met yesterday a woman at church​ ​​who told me that her husband saw the difference in her when she came back home.
  • We are receiving news of one woman sharing the T​ransformation ​B​ooklet (B​utterfly) in her church,
  • Another woman is organizing a gathering in her home for non believers
  • Some ​women ​are organizing ​an ​event around Christmas to share the gospel.

​They are serious with the commitment they took to be witnesses of the love and freedom Jesus gave them.

​​It is not easy in an email to summarize what happened during those days, but I can tell you that spiritually it has been huge. I am excited to see what the Lord will do in our country through His Daughters. France will not be the same.

Thank you for your prayers, you can be sure that they all have been listened to and answered! What a victory!​May our God bless you abundantly and reward you as he promises for the good you did through your prayers and you spiritual ministry.

With all my humble appreciation of serving together in France and beyond,

Marie Carmen.

Marie Carmen’s daughter Anne also had a huge role in planning and carrying out this conference. She shares Thank you, thank you, thank you ! I felt really supported by all your prayers and encouraging messages, before and during the conference!  Please pray that the women keep in their hearts what they have experienced with God during the conference. May it continue to bless them… and the people around them! -Anne

Thoughts from the women who attended:

“I arrived with heavy burdens (fears, doubts, discouragement…) and God used several persons during the conference to answer every one of my questions! God really reassured me of His love for me, His precious daughter. I am leaving transformed ! My husband noticed it, just speaking with me on the phone, and I can’t wait to share with him all I have discovered this weekend!” – Karine

“Beautiful encounters, authentic discussions, an incredible encouragement to go forward in my walk with God… Simply thanks to the team for those precious moments!” – Christelle

“I’m going back home, highly refreshed and motivated by this wonderful weekend! I strongly desire to spend more time with God, go deeper in my relationship with Him, and discover all the amazing plans and good deeds He has in store for me. I also met many new friends this weekend, and we want to stay in touch!” – Chantal 



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