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Dear friend and partner,

In writing this update I’ve been thinking about Stephen and Philip, men chosen to serve tables to allow the disciples to focus on teaching God’s word. Yet both men we also powerful ministers and evangelists in their own right.

I am blessed to have three such women assisting me in Love UnVeiled. Serving in their important administrative roles behind the scenes, they allow me to focus on what God has called me to do, teaching and equipping women globally in God’s word.  Yet each one, having experienced their own freedom and transformation, also ministers to women out of their deep love for the Lord, over and above their administrative duties.

Amanda, based in Massachusetts, has been with me since 2007 administering our website, communications and support systems. She also leads ministry to women in her church in Massachusetts.

Sherry has helped me as a volunteer in Orlando since 2008. She joined LUV staff as administrative assistant in 2014. Today she serves as Hospitality Coordinator taking care of the many practical needs of LUV workshops in Orlando. She also co-leads a weekly LUV discipleship group for women in Orlando.

Angie, my Executive Assistant and Operations Manager joined LUV staff this year, but became involved in LUV in 2014 when she joined my weekly Avalon discipleship group hungry to grow in the Lord and His word. She completed 3 years LUV discipleship training and started her own LUV discipleship group in 2017 with her mom and aunts. Her family experienced such transformation and freedom that they encouraged Angie to come to New York to lead a LUV workshop for the rest of their family.

In October, in between her busy responsibilities for LUV and assisting me, Angie flew to New York to lead her first 4 day LUV workshop for 8 family members. Their beautiful testimonies shared below tell once again of the power of God’s word to transform hearts, even after years of spiritual numbness:

  • Being saved for over 40 years and having heard these Bible verses before, this was completely different. It touched the marrow of my bones, it spoke directly to me.
  • The comfort that I now have in the Lord is greater because of the teaching. My faith is also greater. And to know that my sisters were freed from guilt and deceiving spirits was the ultimate.
  • I was able to pour out my heart to the Lord like never ever before in all my years. I felt my heart of flesh like never before. One reason was a deeper understanding of the word of God like I never had before.
  • I know without a doubt that the Holy Spirit was with us because I felt Him like never ever before in all the years I have been a Christian.
  • I feel that I was born again for the second time.

Praise God, multiplication continues through these revived butterflies who immediately shared their life changing experience with other family members and invited them to join Angie’s next workshop in NY in April 2019!  

Pray for Angie’s health as she had surgery and ongoing health issues since joining LUV this year.

I am blessed beyond measure by these women God has called to assist me in Love UnVeiled not only in their administrative roles, but in bringing spiritual transformation and multiplication to women in their own lives.

THANK YOU for your prayers for us as we fight the good fight to set women free, and for your investment in LUV to help us further the Kingdom of God together, in the power of His Holy Spirit.

Yours gratefully in His abundant love,
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled

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