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The Butterfly Effect in Lithuania Workshop 1 February 2019

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Dear friend and partner,

I shared recently that Diana and Aurelija joined LUV workshops in Orlando in April 2018 to be equipped to reach women in Lithuania. Last November they courageously hosted a Butterfly transformation conference for 100 women in Lithuania.  From that conference we praise God that 12 women from all over Lithuania, came forward to join Diana on the 3.5 year LUV journey to be transformed, equipped and empowered to reach more women in Lithuania. Here is her beautiful report of what God did during their first Workshop.

It is amazing that all 12 women came – there is an influenza epidemic in Lithuania, many schools are closed, hospitals are full of people, but every women and her family was kept safe and healthy and everyone was able to come. Amazing, that God kept my family safe – we all stayed healthy! 

That was the first miracle!

We met at a house in the middle of Lithuania belonging to the Christian Rehabilitation Center. We were alone for miles around. They just brought food for us. When I walked with Jesus in the fields before our first meeting, He put it in my spirit that every women will be invited to the mountain to meet with Him.

The beginning was difficult – the group was new, most women did not know one another. They arrived from different cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Druskininkai, Jurbarkas, Anykščiai, Ukmergė, Kretinga, and from different congregations – Free Christian, Baptist, Evangelical, Pentecostal and Catholic. This was the second miracle – His Spirit united us according to John 17.

The director of the center asked permission to join us on Saturday, so she listened too. It was good, women were astonished by the transformation story of butterfly – its depth and clarity, simplicity and new discoveries. On Sunday after we shared what we learned from Friday evening and Saturday, something broke in the air – it was time to stop learning and turn to prayer because Jesus was ready to serve every woman. That was the third miracle. I never saw Him coming in such a way. So we stopped studying and turned to prayer, repentance and worship for the remaining time.

Here are few responses I received later:

  • It was like the fight between Elisha and Baal and many idols were broken in my life, and I saw that in other women’s hearts too.
  • I was on the holy ground this weekend. I did not take my shoes off, but my heart was OPEN.
  • HE was walking around us

And many other similar responses. From my own experience of the Cocoon and what happens  there, this was a crucial time for our group. We already decided to meet again in May 31 – June 2 and September 20- 22 to follow the journey of transformation.

Please keep Diana and these precious women in prayer. Pray the Holy Spirit will continue the work of transformation He has begun in their  lives as He rebuilds, heals and makes them the women He created them to be, daughters of the King who will courageously share His love and freedom with other women in Lithuania.

Pray for Aurelija who made the difficult transition last month moving with her husband and children, from Lithuania to New Jersey, USA. Diana will miss her support, but we are praying God will raise up another woman to help Diana, and that He will fulfill His purposes for Aurelija as she settles here and continues to join us for remaining workshops in Orlando.

Thank you for your valued prayers and support to help us reach the women of Lithuania!

Yours In His Love,

Liz Dickson
Founder and Director of Love UnVeiled

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