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Thank you for praying last for Susan’s Butterflies
meeting for the first time in the Middle East.

  • This is where we heard “2 more” women were saved 2 weeks ago…in a country where women have NO value or voice.
  • An older believer (5 years) shared the significance of this gathering “Never before have women met… only the men!”
  • You can hear Susan’s excitement as she writes, It is official! A Woman’s Church has begun
    Read more about it from Susan….​

Liz, ​I am absolutely certain that your prayers resulted in my compoundbeing surrounded by God’s hosts of angels, and my house full of His Spirit. We were protected. 

Every woman but one showed up (plus one unexpected one). We will be 11 total. They all agreed to fellowship together regularly. It is official! A Woman’s Church has begun. Who am I? Who are we?? I woke up this morning washed in your prayers.

Nervous about cooking, nervous about hosting, nervous about playing the guitar in Dari, nervous about teaching in Dari…. God poured a single truth that settled my heart through your prayers. “You can’t fail. (Nor can you succeed.) It isn’t your work. It is mine.” I was carrying a burden not mine to carry. He simply asked me to be obedient. Not to be perfect in it.

Well fortunately my new teammate (and apprentice) can cook up a storm and is not afraid of large crowds. She whipped up some chicken in no time. Then my Mongolian team mate, ever so confident in rice cooking and exploding pressure cookers whipped up the rice. Friends sent a Salad. Bread and Drinks bought. Fruit came in from my garden. Cake made. All enjoyed.

We talked about meeting together. Why it is important. How God will be our protector. How we can do it with care but regularly. Scripture was read. And discussion proceeded. Then all agreed that it was agreeable.

We sang, ​I shared the ​story of the butterfly​, then we prayed. Next week we meet again. Different time. Different place. Same hearts. We have newborn sisters and a 5 year old sister. From illiterate to fluent in English. From 18yr to a mother of 4 grown adults.

This is only the beginning. Now to see them grow and to see it multiply beyond imagination. Let‘​s pray for that. That each of these would soon lead their own group, who then lead groups…

Our 5 year old sister said – “Never have women met… only the men!”  – well time to change that!! More to come​Susan​

​Friend, thank you for praying! – your prayers provide a needed hedge of boldness and protection over Susan and our Middle East sisters!



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