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Dear friend,

This week I was so disturbed reading a BBC news report of women and men being “flogged” up to 39 times in stadiums. Other reports cover the protest of 1000s protesting one woman beaten to death for showing hair under her headscarf – hundreds of protestors have been beaten and imprisoned!  In the Middle East where we meet with LUV disciples on Zoom, the women shared that a believer in their church was killed last week! The church is broken hearted and asked for our prayers.  These are the harsh realities for so many living in countries which are not free. 

This Thanksgiving I have been thankful for the freedom we still have to express our faith openly. The heartbeat of our ministry is to “set women free to be who God created them to be.”   When women are free in His identity, they are free to fulfill their purpose. We want to make the most of our physical freedom to share God’s spiritual freedom with others – for it was for freedom that Jesus set us free!! Galatians 5:1. 

IRIS recently completed her 3-year LUV weekly discipleship journey with Angie in Orlando.  I was blessed to attend her group’s commissioning and to hear her testimony of freedom… 

“It’s been three wonderful years eating, digesting, and processing the wonderful Word of God. When I was a young girl, I thought I was an ugly girl. I grew up with insecurities, shame, and inferiority.  Because of that I was very timid and always thought I was ugly

On this three years journey, I have been transformed from a little ugly caterpillar always dragging itself on the ground and eating leaves, into a beautiful butterfly going through changes and dark seasons until the beautiful butterfly came out

My identity – Who I am in Jesus Christ is not that ugly caterpillar. I am a child of God, a daughter of a King created with purpose. I am a new creation reflecting Jesus who brought me from the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of light!

During these three years the Holy Spirit has been cleansing me, healing me of all bondages and hurts and unforgiveness in my body, soul, and spirit. Now I have an intimate relationship with God. Not only has He transformed me, but He has equipped me and empowered me with his word and His Holy Spirit to multiply and reach other women to come to the feet of Jesus. 

I also learned 2 things: –

1. I can’t do everything by myself. I need the Lord and we need each other. I have learned to love my butterfly group. I realize that because He loved us first, we love each other. 

2. The more I seek HIM the more know HIM, the more I know HIM the more I love HIM, and the more I love HIM the more trust HIM.  This is the way I live in freedom from bondage and in freedom from fear.

Iris, who felt like a timid little caterpillar, has become a bold, beautiful butterfly living in spiritual freedom. She is now starting a LUV group for Spanish speaking women in Orlando, and for women in Mexico who will join on Zoom

Dear friend, I am deeply thankful for your partnership to help us set women free to multiply bringing God’s love and freedom to others!  Thank you for your financial giving and your prayers for our ministry this year!  

May God bless you abundantly to enjoy this time of festivity remembering the birth of Jesus, our Savior who came to set us free! 

With warm love in our Lord Jesus


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled

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