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Urmila was one of the first godly women I met on my first call to India in 2007.  Urmila and her husband were leaders for a large ministry, but Urmila’s tender heart was burdened to reach the millions of broken, oppressed and abused women in India. She knew the only way to do that was to equip and empower women in the church – but she didn’t know how.

For fourteen years she had led a group of 12 women from different churches to meet weekly for prayer. They prayed God would bring someone to help them reach women. Little did I know that the most painful fourteen years of my life were God’s training to prepare me to be an answer to women praying on the other side of the world. I met with Urmila and her team of 12 leaders for three and a half years. During that time, the Holy Spirit transformed, healed, equipped and empowered those women to be women of courage and boldness, who would bring the word in the power of the Holy Spirit to some of the darkest areas of India.

I was so encouraged to read Urmila’s latest report that they continue to reach the lost and broken hearted and are making disciples and disciple makers in more churches.  God is giving them abundant fruit for all their years of praying.

He who continually goes forth weeping bearing seed for sowing will doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6.

​Urmila’s Report – Names and cities have been changed to protect the women.

In our city and surrounding places many churches are inviting us to share the ministry. It is very exciting that many of the churches are open to train their women and these women help the church to reach the lost. So many of them have started cell groups through our Love UnVeiled ministry.

Shamla is reaching Muslim women in a local town through the tailoring project and saw many of their lives touched with God’s love.
In Prima’s area she is reaching to the women in the villages and started a cell group and is teaching them.

In another area, Agatha is teaching the women from the Methodist church.
Sara is teaching the women from Delhi when she visits her father in Delhi and started a group there. While she was in Pune with her daughter she was also able to start a group.

We thank God for the wonderful work he is doing in the lives of the women here to be free from all the bondages of fear and hopelessness. They have gained confidence and hope. Above all it is God’s love that keeps them secure in the Lord.

Prayer: Please pray for us to be always flying in freedom since many of us face lot of challenges.
May God bless you dear sister. We love you.  

In His love,
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled


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