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“The Love UnVeiled discipleship journey has been a life changing experience. At the beginning of this 4-year journey I could not be comfortable in a group of women. I felt misunderstood and often thought people didn’t like me.

Despite my insecurities, I remained proud, a fixer of people with the inability to be quiet. Through LUV and the working of the Holy Spirit through His word I have come to recognize the lies of the enemy and the the great love of our Heavenly Father.  I knew He loved me, but I never understood the depth of His love and how personal it was for me.

One memory stands out. The Lord brought me back to a picture of me in my fourth-grade classroom. It was as if I was sitting with Him from above looking down. In this memory of 4th grade, I had just realized who the teacher’s pets were and that I was not one of them. God said to me (and I will never forget) “But I chose you”. It has forever changed me; the One that matters most chose me!

I am amazed at the compassion and love God has given me for others and I no longer feel the need to fix them. I am equally amazed that I can be quiet, that I do not have to be seen and heard all the time. I wish I could express to you how many times I went to a bible study, or a meeting determined to keep my mouth shut only to fail. Seriously, my husband used to kick me under the table to quiet me. I am not saying I am silent or that I am the quietest one at the table, but I can now be quiet and enjoy listening to others feeling his presence and his promptings to be quiet or to speak.

Through learning about His love for me I was able to stop being motivated by fear and controlled by insecurities. I received a healing prayer for fear. I felt His physical presence in my body, and it seemed as if my soul was weeping as the women rebuked and removed the fear the enemy had placed in me. A release and a freedom came from this, and I no longer operate from a place of fear or fear of failure. It also seems as if wax was removed from my spiritual ears. I now hear Him with more clarity, and I hear Him more often.

I do not think that I have arrived or that He is done changing me, but I can tell you He has radically changed my heart and given me a peace and freedom I did not think was possible. I will be forever thankful for LIz, Tanya and Shelly and I desire for every woman I know to experience this love and freedom through the LUV discipleship journey.”

Carol, Jail Volunteer Commissioning Nov 2023

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