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Dear friend,
I had no idea how much I would love Poland and the Polish people. My views were based on “cold war” movies portraying Poland as a grey, war torn country. But I discovered great beauty in Poland. The Polish people are strong on the outside and warm-hearted on the inside. Contrary to movies portraying cold and snow, I experienced sunny warm days, and long summer evenings in the beautiful parks and gardens.

But it was the women who captured my heart as I spent time with them in three different Workshops. Two out of three of the Workshops were in a beautiful retreat center outside Warsaw called “Center of Joy.” We had a great time of joy during both our workshops.

The first meeting was Workshop Four with 18 women who Jagoda is leading through our 3 year LUV Transform and Multiple training. It was special for me to witness their spiritual growth as Jagoda has faithfully taught and led these women in the last two years. Several of them have also begun discipling other butter groups

We had a precious evening with some of these women who are leaders from Baptist Churches, to pray about their desire to bring “Transformation” to 100 Baptist Churches at a Baptist women’s conference in Poland this Fall.
The second meeting was to launch new Workshop One training with 22 new women from different cities and churches. Some were quite young believers. It was a mix of Catholic and Protestant women. Their testimonies during out time together were evidence of Holy Spirit transforming their hearts and minds as they grasped more fully the journey of identity and freedom in Christ.

The third meeting was an outreach for 60-70 women invited by Dorota’s Butterfly leaders who excelled themselves in transforming the room into a butterfly garden not only with their creative decorations, but with their sweet spirit and fragrance of Jesus. It was a great to see their passion and enthusiasm to share Jesus with excitement among their friends!


I was overwhelmed by our butterflies’ hospitality in each place. I noticed butterflies decorating every home I visited!  Jagoda explained it was a result of their excitement about their “New Life” in Jesus. Although attending Catholic and Protestant churches for years, they have been transformed by understanding their true identity and freedom in Jesus.

Basha and Stenya Live in the same apartment block where they invited me for lunch to share their stories. 

Two years ago Basha was invited by Dorota to Jagoda’s first LUV workshop in Poland. Home life was very painful for Basha and she came with burdens she’d carried for years. For the first time, during the workshop, she began to experience her burdens being lifted as she found healing and freedom in Jesus. 
Basha’s neighbor Stenya loves to cook. For years she had cooked for her Catholic priests. She also carried a heavy heart in her personal circumstances. But she noticed the changes in Basha and asked how she could help in LUV workshops. Jagoda invited Stenya to take over the meals for the workshops. Each workshop Stenya helped with, she began to listen to Jagoda’s teaching. Soon she was hungry to experience salvation and freedom for herself. 
Now Basha and Stenya meet every morning in Basha’s apartment as Basha disciples Stenya through the Butterfly lessons. They are growing and flying together and have already worked through three books and are starting Workbook Four! You can tell they are excited about their new found freedom in Jesus by the butterfly decorations all over their homes! They are excited about their new life and identity in Him!! 
Please pray for Jagoda, and Dorota who is now also discipling Polish women in Indiana. Pray our Butterflies in Poland will grow strong roots in the word and live daily in the power of the Spirit so that they will be able to withstand the shaking that is coming in Europe. Pray they will continue to plant seeds and bear fruit for the Kingdom which will not be shaken!

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Yours in His Love,
Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled
407 385 5796

“To Know God – and To Make Him Known”
“Expect great things from God, Attempt Great things for God
.” William Carey

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