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“And My people will be satisfied with MY goodness” says the Lord. Jeremiah 31:14 

Christian songwriter Gloria Gaither has shared that as she gets older, her prayers get shorter – HELP! HELP! HELP! and THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

I’m sure you can identify with Gloria – I certainly can! We’ve already had several workshops this season, in person and on zoom, and with a workshop every other weekend for the next 3 months it keeps me helpless and dependent on the Lord! 

Women are facing very difficult challenges in these unsettled times. There is more need for coaching, mentoring, praying and ministering one to one as well as in groups. But for every cry for help, the Lord is gracious in giving us so many reasons for thanksgiving!  His goodness is more than sufficient for all our needs!  I have such joy witnessing the Holy Spirit moving through the women He is loving, touching, healing, freeing, transforming – and multiplying! 

As I prepare for another 4 day in-person Workshop starting tomorrow, I wanted to share some praiseworthy moments from this month… 

Orlando – Our LUV Training Center is filled most days and evenings with women growing in the word and in intimacy with Jesus. Not only do we see women growing spiritually and learning to live in freedom in their identity, but we also see the fruit of service and multiplication as these women reach out to other women, some starting their own workshops and weekly groups in our Orlando community, and others internationally.  

*Butterfly leaders are leading 15 weekly butterfly groups in East Orlando, with two more weekly groups starting in

*2 leaders are starting a workshop next month to equip leaders in other ministries in Orlando who minister to victims of domestic abuse, homelessness, pregnancy crisis and trauma. 

Japan – A third butterfly in Orlando is now discipling a lady in Japan on Zoom. Rochelle wrote – 
Sachiko is loving the teaching and has already shared the Butterfly Story with her Sunday School class in her small church. She is praying for LUV materials in Japanese!

*Praise God, after years of prayer, this month a Japanese butterfly in my own church in Orlando who recently joined a butterfly group, is translating our materials into Japanese. She is excited to help women in her home country learn about God’s love and their identity in Him.  

Lithuania – The Holy Spirit continues working in the women in the groups Diana is discipling. He is also calling these women out to disciple others. Diana wrote “I have joyful news, one more lady from my first LUV group is going to start a new group. She said she became “pregnant” with it in the summer! Please remember “D” and my other disciple “R” who is also discipling a new group of women.”

Togo, Africa – Orlando butterfly Jennifer partnered with Melissa, from Beautiful Feet International, a Pregnancy Crisis ministry in Orlando, to minister to 900+ women in Togo, Africa. 16 women prayed for salvation! Jennifer shared The Butterfly Story and encouraged women in their identity in Jesus. The Butterfly Story has been translated into West African French and will be placed in nine BFI pregnancy crisis centers in Togo. Please pray for ongoing healing and discipleship for all these women! 

North Carolina – After a workshop to equip women for a new jail ministry in NC butterfly leader Samantha wrote 
God has moved in a BIG way!. I love the Lord so much. I love teaching LUV!” 

S. Florida Jail – since the recent lockdowns Tanya has not been able to  communicate with the women. Last week she was allowed to begin meeting daily but on Conference call.  The women are desperately hungry for the Word. As women leave the meeting, they tell others back in their cells that they need to join.  Pray the Holy Spirit will anoint Tanya as she shares His word in these difficult circumstances, and will spread His love and hope through the jail as women share His word with others. 

California – Returning to CA after experiencing healing and freedom in the workshop in Orlando last week, our butterfly was inspired to share with her group of young women in CA. She wrote, “I was blown away by the work of the Holy Spirit! We used the lessons on “Knowing God’s Voice” and “How to Spend Quiet Time with Jesus”.  God opened my eyes to how much pain those girls are dealing with. I am learning now how to effectively pray and let God work.” 

These are just a few of many testimonies we give thanks for this month.  Thank you for your support and your commitment to pray for us. Please pray the Holy Spirit will continue to strengthen us, anoint His word in our workshops and do the work only He can do in women’s hearts to free them from their burdens, anxieties, fears and heart breaks as they turn to Jesus for their help.  

In these days of uncertainty and trouble, may the goodness of God be enough to satisfy all our hearts!   

Yours so gratefully, In His love,
Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director

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