Rochelle, USA

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“The main thing I have been learning about myself through the workshop is that I base my identity and value on my ministry and performance. I try to feel significant by the ministry I am doing and whether it seems important or not.

I have seen that even though I know the Lord and love Him, my focus has gotten off Him and subtly onto myself. All the verses on my identity being in the Lord as a daughter of the King of Kings are very freeing! I am learning to find my identity in God’s Word and grace and less on my performance and my success or failure in ministry! That really feels like a victory to me. 

The most exciting thing for me with learning the Love UnVeiled material is seeing God use me to encourage and bless other women who also want to take steps of faith to multiply! God is so, so good!”

Rochelle Clark, Ministry Leader, Orlando, FL.

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