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POLAND VISIT – I have just finished a wonderful week with our butterfly leader Jagoda in Poland. Jagoda, Campus Crusade staff and leader of Women’s Forum in Poland, came to Orlando for LUV Workshop training from 2013-2015. It is wonderful to see the work God is doing in and through her to reach women in Poland.

We traveled to 3 different cities meeting butterflies I’d met here in 2016, and some new butterflies from Jagoda’s recent LUV Workshop One in March this year.

I met Kasha at one of Jagoda’s LUV workshops in 2016. Kasha is now leading a weekly Butterfly group with 9 women in her town of Kolo, taking them through the discipleship Workbook 1. Kasha organized a meeting for Jagoda and me to speak to 35 women in Kolo to cast vision and encourage women to reach women in their town.
One of the most precious moments of my time here was after we closed the meeting by praying that our lights would shine brightly for Jesus, Kasha presented us each with a glass jar painted with Butterflies on the outside, and which lit up with tiny lights inside. It was beautiful – a powerful visual of the message we had shared! 

I was delighted to meet up with Ala again, also Campus Crusade staff who finished her 3 year butterfly training in Poland with Jagoda 2 years ago, and attended our LUV 10 year anniversary conference in Orlando in 2017. Ala used butterfly teaching with women in prison in Poland, and recently helped Jagoda lead a new LUV Workshop One for 15 women in her area from different churches, ages 19 – 70 years old, all at different stages in their spiritual journey. It was great to meet some of these women at an evangelism meeting we held on Friday evening, and again at the LUV Let’s Get Real event we held on Saturday.

Here is what women shared about their first Butterfly Workshop with Jagoda and Ala: 

* God said to me that if I am born again I am a butterfly no matter how I act, what I think about myself, what others think about me.

* God taught me not to rely on feelings only God but to live like a butterfly and not live like a caterpillar. Sharing the gospel with people has become my even greater desire.

* It was important that I was with God’s women, in God’s presence, receiving the touch of God through the Word. God taught me His truth. He showed me that I am a butterfly, a new creature in God. My desire is to share the “metamorphosis” with others. I’m doing it now. I received a great encouragement to fly in God. I have a tool to share with the saved and unsaved.

* I realized that God’s love is unconditional and I must always remember and speak about this Love. God taught me courage. The enormous desire I have is without any compromise to proclaim the Gospel in truth and love. A love I always want to talk about and remember.

* I do not stop being a butterfly,-new creature in Christ if He is present in my life as Lord, Savior and King. It depends on me whether I fly, or crawl like a caterpillar, or live according to who I am. God showed me that my life is an ongoing process of sanctification. My desire is to fly every day like a wonderful colorful, beautiful butterfly and spread the scent of knowing Jesus Christ and the truth about Him.

Please continue to pray for all these precious women, our sisters in Poland, that they will continue to live in their identity in Jesus and spread His fragrance. Pray for renewed strength and provision for Jagoda and for Ala who suffers from several health conditions. 
Thank you for your prayers for all my travel. I arrived in the UK last night. I have felt sustained and encouraged on every flight and in every meeting in each country. I am blessed to have witnessed firsthand how God is moving among women to build His kingdom in each country. 

With warm love and appreciation for God’s goodness and your support in prayer and in giving to His work!! 

In His love,

Founder and Executive Director
Love UnVeiled, Inc.

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