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“Now I beg you brethren that through the Lord Jesus Christ and through the love of the Spirit, you strive together with me in prayers to God for me……that my service for Jerusalem may be acceptable for the saints.” Romans 15:30.

I am moved by apostle Paul’s humility asking for prayer. So today I write humbly to ask you to please continue to pray for me and for all those involved in Love UnVeiled globally. As God continues to open doors for us to bring transformation and freedom to women, would you pray for His wisdom, and grace to stay close to Him.

This year God has opened doors to more women in our Jerusalem – Orlando, Florida. In 2013, we started with 6 women from the Orlando area. Today, we have over 60 women involved in Butterfly disciple groups meeting weekly, and Leaders Workshops meeting throughout the year. The Holy Spirit is transforming women, opening the eyes of their hearts and bringing spiritual freedom through understanding their true identity and purpose in Christ.

The butterfly story is a great tool to help women and those ministering to them to identify where they are in the process of Spiritual transformation.

Two weeks ago, one young women attending one of our Orlando groups confessed she felt stuck in the cocoon. She has been attending church for three year and a friend had prayed with her to receive Jesus, but she still felt stuck. She didn’t have assurance of salvation. As we talked I realized she had never been invited to confess the Lord Jesus with her own mouth. Through one simple prayer she was set free to eternal life. The transformation was instant as the eyes of her heart opened in understanding and she was reborn in the Spirit.

She is not the only woman who appears to be a believer but is not – a reminder that we can’t assume that everyone attending church, life groups, or Bible studies has passed from death to life. Identifying where they are on their journey helps us to know how to lead them to spiritual freedom. This is an important part of our discipleship training.

Another woman, a believer for many years, shared, “I did a lot of Bible studies and led a lot of Bible studies. I saw women being set free but I wasn’t free. I feel I’ve had to go back to kindergarten to rebuild me. Now I know who I am and what my purpose is. Now I’m flying.”

At the end of our recent LUV Workshop – Transform and Multiply – a local ministry leader wrote “my life has been transformed forever. I will never be the same!”

This season, it thrills me that so many women are catching a fresh “thrill of hope” from the love of God which came bursting into our broken world through the birth of Jesus!

Prayer Focus December 10

I deeply value your prayer to bring about God’s purposes in these areas of our ministry to Him:

  • Spiritual strength and wisdom as God increases our ministry in Orlando, and worldwide.
  • This weekend, Workshop 6, the final training for women who began in June 2013. They come thirsty for this intimate time with Jesus. Pray for those traveling.
  • Pray for women in our four Avalon (Orlando) weekly Butterfly Disciple groups meeting Tuesday a.m.,Tuesday p.m., Wednesday and Thursday p.m. to be radically transformed and set free to live abundant lives.
  • Pray for our two new groups of Leaders who began training in March and November this year. Most are from the Avalon and Orlando area. Pray God will strengthen them.
  • Pray for those who help and support me with training and logistics – Amanda and Sherry, and for Geneva who is now a great support for me in training in Avalon.
  • Pray for doors opening in France with 3 women coming to Orlando training in January 2016, Lord willing.
  • Pray for new Butterfly leaders in Brazil and Moldova.
  • Pray for our leaders in Poland who just finished Workshop 3. Pray for their influence in Poland!
  • Pray for our ministry in India and for Martha and her brother pastor Paul who is opening doors for butterflies in his church to train women in all the city’s churches so they can reach their city together!

Thank you for your prayers! We pray for you – that the Lord will bless you abundantly this season, with special moments of peace, rest and joy in His Presence!

In His Love,

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