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Each one reach one” continues to be a powerful way for our Butterflies to multiply – and that is what is happening in Ohio.

Today I spoke by phone to Patty, a beautiful believer in Ohio. I’ve not yet met Patty in person, but tomorrow Patty will begin disciple making training under Christy, one of our two trainers leading women to freedom in Ohio.

Patty is involved in many areas of ministry – helping 18-22 year olds with disabilities; teaching 4th and 5th graders in her church because she and her husband are passionate about helping young people know their identity, and weekly they minister to inmates in the local jail. I asked Patty why she felt she needed LUV training when she is already so involved in ministry. She shared “I need it for me, to grow in the word, to grow in my relationship with Jesus, and I want to be better equipped to reach others and to equip others to make disciples”

Christy who will be discipling Patty asked specifically for our prayers. She and her sister Jody experience heavy spiritual warfare in Ohio. Pouring into women’s lives so that they can experience healing and freedom means giving of ourselves. Christy is under great pressure with school studies and emotional stress working in a hospital where staff and patients are dealing with increasing trauma.  Christy writes:

A Christian nurse and I got to pray with an overdose patient to receive Christ on Sunday!  We laid hands on him in his room and poured God’s love into him. EMS crews have been bringing in OD patients found thrown into car washes, on the sides of roads, etc.  It has been a nightmare epidemic here in Western Ohio. I will start Love Unveiled with this Christian nurse in a few weeks. She has never been discipled and came to me crying and asking for discipleship. She is the nurse who I often pray with over patients. Pray God continues to give us favor among ER staff to be able to lead so many hopeless to the Lord.  Also, pray for major break through with the nursing staff.  There is a pretty tough resistance to the Lord among them as many have become emotionally hardened and calloused from all the trauma they have seen.

Christy and Jody are being the heart as well as the hands and feet of Jesus – and they need our prayer support. Patty told me they radiate the love of Jesus where ever they go.

  • Please pray for the young nurse who is hungry to be discipled by Christy.
  • Pray for Patty, also hungry to grow and be equipped to reach young people and those in jail in Ohio.
  • Pray for Christy to be renewed in physical strength and the power of the Holy Spirit in all wisdom as she serves the Lord with her whole heart among nurses and patients, and her new disciples.
  • Pray Jody will also be renewed in strength and vigor and hope that God is with them and their efforts are not in vain.

​Thank you for your praying that the Lord will shine His light and truth brightly and spread His fragrance in Ohio through these​ butterflies!

​Yours in His love​


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director

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