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It was a huge step of faith for Marie Carmen to start our Transform & Multiply discipleship groups in France this year, to equip and train women who would join her in discipleship multiplication. She has experienced intense spiritual and physical warfare before each workshop.

But God has honored her faithfulness as women returned for their second workshop last weekend. She sent this wonderful report about how God gave the victory…Blessed be our so faithful Lord!!!!! The three days were so intense! Women were like sponges – eager to learn, to grow, to be available, and the Lord said “OK, Here I am!”.  He has been awesome! Healing, changing lives, so strong among us and in the lives of the participants!  Several women shared changes in their lives since last workshop saying: “I was not like this before March.”   “I would not have been able to do this some months ago.“  “Since last workshop, I went to my parents and we have been reconciled.“ “We prayed for “….” and since then I have not thought about it, I can say that I am healed!” A powerful workshop Liz. I understand why the enemy was so fiercely active, he didn’t want them to experience these days. Prayers, release, transformation, commitments. It was so good to witness all this and to be used in the lives of these daughters of the King. It was worth it! Thank you so much for your prayers!” 

Marie Carmen’s daughter Anne, who attended our Workshops in Orlando with her mom, recently made a video sharing the Butterfly Story in French.  Click the link to view the video;  You can also view at or Love Unveiled YouTube Channel, to share with French speaking friends. 

Anne is also teaching her daughter about being a butterfly 🙂 PRAYER NEEDS THIS WEEKEND: Workshop 4 in Orlando, Oct 18-22 Fri-Mon;

  •  I will be leading Workshop 4 for our butterflies coming from Lithuania, Oregon, Arizona, New Jersey and Orlando.
  • Pray each woman will be refreshed in spirit and renewed in strength as we study God’s word and allow Him to “make us usable” for the work He has called us to do.  
  • Pray for Sherry, our hospitality coordinator whose mother passed last weekend. The funeral is tomorrow. Pray also for Angie and Betty assisting me in her absence. 

Workshop 1 – South Florida Jail Ministry, Oct 18-21, Fri – Sun; 

  • Pray for Tanyaleading 14 women from S. Florida. Pray the Holy Spirit will bring life changing transformation as Tanya leads them through God’s word.
  • Pray the women will be unified in spirit, and transformed, equipped and empowered to support Tanya in our S. Florida jail ministry. Pray God will call and equip some to provide follow up discipleship for girls coming out of jail. 
  • Tanya is experiencing spiritual warfare in the jail, and in her health. Pray for healing of her voice and chest today, and for a covering over Tanya and Shelly who will support her in the workshop. 

Thank you for praying the Holy Spirit will continue to spread the fragrance of Jesus through our butterfly leaders globally.  

Yours with grateful thanks


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