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Dear friend,

Thank you for praying for our training this week! It was incredible. The Lord met us and moved powerfully among our women bringing deeper intimacy and healing. It is wonderful to see how the Lord is still transforming these mature believers since our first meeting in January 2013, and to see them walking in greater freedom each time we meet.

Here is one testimony from Krista, an Orlando based Butterfly who God has called to Honduras where she goes several times a year. God is preparing Krista and another Butterfly, Monica, based in Honduras, to train and equip a small group of influential women in Honduras who want to reach women in their country through the Butterfly training. Krista sent this email after the training;

I’ve just returned from my third LUV workshop. This was the best so far. I spent 4 days with sisters in Christ who hunger and thirst for the Lord. These were sisters from across the globe – Peru, Poland, Kenya, Cambodia, Costa Rica and of course around the United States. 

The focus of our time together was developing and maintaining an intimate, personal relationship with God. I love the enthusiasm that God has stirred in me for His Word. I also witnessed in others and in myself, His healing. It seems healing is continual as God prepares us to meet Him one day and to, in the mean time, spread His fragrance. 

I began the workshop not really wanting to be there. I wanted to be in the comfort of my own home and with my husband. However, God massaged my heart and drew me closer to Him as the workshop progressed. By Monday, when it was time to depart, I was filled with His love and a renewed desire to spend time with Him. 

Through this time with God, He reminded me that to feel His love I am to abide in that love (John 15:9). Also, He showed me that He moves in each of us in a personal, unique way (Psalm 33:15). In addition, He shared that He will show me the path of life and in Him is fullness of Joy (Psalm 16:11).

I have a renewed peace in allowing God to open doors in His timing. My role is to spend time with Him in prayer and in the word readying myself for His call. I see Him on the move for Honduras as I continue to meet others from this country that I have a heart for and who are excited about LUV being shared there.

Before I close, I must share an exciting, long over due piece of healing God performed. This evidenced His perfect timing. On the final day of training, while checking my email and text messages, I learned that my mother had given away an item I was hoping would be mine. Yes, this is a material item and I am not to put my hope in earthly things. However, this, at least to me,  represents my mother’s heart. So, because I was disturbed by this and it was keeping me from focusing, I shared with another gal during a break. The floodgates opened. Who knew, except God, what was still buried so deep. Well, through sharing and prayer, healing and forgiveness have begun. He is setting me free. I also spoke to my mother later and felt through what we shared with each other, she too has been touched by God. 

I hope in reading my story that you will be encouraged to allow God to dig deep. Yes, it can be ugly and painful but God is loving and gentle through the process and the reward is worth it. 

I thank you for allowing me to share and for keeping me in your prayers. Please pray that I will remain in this peace I feel, continue walking God’s path, and living out all He revealed to me this weekend.

All praise and glory to our Heavenly Father in Christ Jesus.

Krista Yurchak

Dear partner, as Krista said, we give all the glory to God and our Lord Jesus Christ whose work this is. I look forward to sharing more testimonies with you. Thank you for continuing to pray and support our Butterflies around the world! God is moving, God is at work. There is still a great work to be done.


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