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News Flash from French Women’s Conference – Marie Carmen writes:

Dear friends I am in Italy now for a European conference, but I want to let you know that “Avec Zelles” Conference was a real success. Wonderfully blessed. Our God is great and does wonders. I am very grateful and impressed. Thank you for your contribution to that amazing blessing. I will try to give more details later
Love, MARIE Carmen

Thank for you praying for this important event!  I’m sure like me, you’re excited to hear more about what God did at the Avec Zelle -(With Zeal) Conference…thank you Marie Carmen for taking time to send us this brief update.

Please pray for Marie Carmen and Anne and all the women who attended Avec Zelle, as they return home. We know that when we encounter God on the mountain, when revelation has been given, the enemy is waiting for us to return to the valley to snatch the seeds and send arrows of doubt and discouragement. But this is just the beginning of what God is doing among these women – please pray that the seeds GOD has planted will take root and grow into a great harvest, that the revelation given on the mountain top will continue to transform these women’s lives to shine His light and His truth across France!

​Thank you for praying for God’s light to shine brightly in France!
Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Categories: LUV News and Prayer