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On Mother’s Day you may be a mother receiving the love and appreciation of a child, or a daughter giving thanks for the love and sacrifice of a mother. Or you may be a woman who never experienced a child calling you “Mom.” You may be a m​um with a broken heart, or a daughter with no memories or experience of a ​mother’s nurturing love, only pain.
Whatever your experience​, ​precious sister you are a woman who is greatly loved and valued for who you are,​ mother or not…

There is One who love and values you radically. The strong powerful love that overcame death, is yet gentle, nurturing, compelling. Jesus reaches out to you His Beloved, His Daughter, His Bride. He sees all you have done, and all you do. He knows your heart, your desires, your longings and your pain. He loves you!  He rejoices over you with singing. He invites you to rest in His love. He promises to quiet you with His love.Whether you are 18 or 80, a grandmother, mother, daughter or neither, the King says “Rejoice Daughter – you are loved!”  The King is enthralled by your beauty!

Zephaniah 3:17. Psalm 45:11

May this song ​captivate you in deeper understanding of His love for you..


​I love you! ​
​In His compelling Love,
Liz ​
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