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​Dear Friend,​

What God is doing among the women in this church in Central India is powerful, in the context that generally women in India, including Christian women have no value, no worth and no voice. Women are not encouraged to be leaders, or equipped to disciple other women.

Please pray the Lord blesses Pastor who asked Martha, our India Coordinator, to help the women in his church be set free to multiply. He has a great heart for reaching India, and wants the women involved.

This is Martha’s report and photos, from her second time with the women in June. All glory to God that He is setting these women ( the least of these) free to multiply His kingdom in one of most spiritually dry areas of India…….

Dear Liz, ​
I am so excited to share highlights from this workshop! Thank you for your prayers!

IMG_5375 (2)This was our 2nd Workshop with 5 Butterfly leaders in this church. Since we met last year the leaders have been discipling other women. They each brought one of their group to our training. ​Now the​ 5 ​new ​butterflies who came ​​with their leaders are going to work alongside their leader in their groups to learn to teach and disciple.

One Butterfly ​who moved to South India came back for the Workshop. She has gone back with a vision to start a new butterfly group in S.India. Hallelujah!

The workshop was planned for 3 days but went on for 5 days! The Holy Spirit led us to focus on Jesus and His finished work on the cross, understanding the truth that Jesus has paid for our freedom and our healing.

God moved in such a powerful way every day that many lies of the enemy were revealed and 40 year old bondages were broken in the lives of butterflies, glory be to God!!

​The lesson ” Spreading the Fragrance” ​​gave new purpose and healing to those whoIMG_5395 (2) came with low self-worth.

​The lesson “Letter to the King’s Daughter” played a vital role in giving them all their identity in Christ. One of the lady said it is so blessed to be called “Rajkanya” Hindi for King’s Daughter.

​Many women were broken with their past or present situations and came with questions, but glory be to God that the “Inner Healing” teaching set them free from their past wounds and hurts. They were really transformed into a different person!

One of the ladies said “I feel so light, I feel I have wings!” During the workshop, 4 ladies reached out to their 4 non-Christian friends and shared for the first time that Jesus loves them.

​At every workshop it is an honor given by the heavenly Father to see His daughters coming like caterpillars and being transformed with His love and power into His beautiful image, finding their wings, new identity and flying like a Butterfly with freedom.

​On 4 th day I met with almost all the butterflies in the church who are in different groups with our leaders, around 35 ladies. ​I shared the lesson, “You are Created for Greatness” Ephesians 2:10 and 3:20. The Holy Spirit led me to share my testimony for the first time with them, which was a blessing for them to believe God for themselves. All glory to Jesus!

Praise Points:

  • Hindi Translation of Workbook One was done on time. Thank you Jesus!
  • Prayers answered for the extreme hot climate ( 115f) we had cool rainy time. It started raining from the first day of training and every day till now, which is a miracle and a blessing for this city to have rains so early!
  • All the ladies were able to come without any hindrance even for the extra time.
  • The church supported the Butterfly training with honor and value. Teen butterflies helped with needs and another butterfly cooked the meals.The church covered expenses for the venue and training materials.
  • All the women were presented to the church as spiritual mothers or sisters to mentor others.

Praise God for such a church with vision and passion to see women set free to multiply.

 ​Please pray:

  • F​or all these butterflies as they will be starting to teach in their groups the deep truths of God’s Word​ and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • ​All the butterflies are challenged to reach out and disciple at least 1 new lady outside the church. Pray God leads them to the women who need Him.
  • Pray for the protection and blood covering over the work God has done in them.
  • Pray for the new work in S.India by one of the butterfly in this group.

​ The pastor wants me to share the training with other pastors and churches in the area. Pray for God’s direction and discernment.

​I believe that He who has begun a good work in them will complete it. Phil 1:6 Amen. Thanks for your prayers for the workshop!

With Love,



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