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Set Free to Multiply

Dear Friend,

Last night I waited for 2 hours in the Orlando Airport Arrivals hall to meet two new Butterflies arriving from Lithuania, Europe. Surrounded by seemingly thousands of tourists arriving to enjoy Florida sunshine and attractions my heart was suddenly overwhelmed with the stark contrast of my reason for meeting our beautiful Lithuanian butterflies. Traveling many hours from Lithuania to Latvia, Latvia to UK, UK to Orlando, they were coming not to enjoy Florida attractions but “to grow deeper in Jesus and learn how to help women in my country have a deeper relationship with Jesus, and to learn to fly in freedom…

Diana and Aurelija arrived tired, but hungry to be filled up with Jesus. They are part of a new group of 14 women coming to Orlando this week for Workshop One of our Transform and Multiply Leader and Discipleship training for women.

Women are multipliers! When they find a good thing – they talk about it!. Without any advertising or marketing, butterfly groups are multiplying. Women are telling others about their transforming encounter with Jesus and the freedom He has given them finding their true identity in Him. Like the woman at the well, they are spreading His fragrance from city to city, country to country. inviting others to experience freedom in Jesus.

Every woman coming to our Workshop Level One this weekend is coming at the invitation of another Butterfly.  It reminds me of John 1:40-45; Jesus called His disciples, then Andrew brought Peter, and Philip brought Nathanael. That’s happening as women bring other women to our workshops to meet with Jesus…

  • Lithuania, Diana, CRU staff and mother of 7 responded to God’s call to LUV Training when I spoke at the CRU Madrid conference last Nov. Diana invited Aurelija who immediately said yes to coming with her.
  • Oregon: Dana, mother of 7, was invited by Butterfly Kathy who with Linda leads a weekly Butterfly group for Cru women in Orlando.
  • Indiana: Lynn in prison ministry, and Niccole, Youth for Christ were invited by Butterfly Dorota who disciples Polish butterflies in Indiana.
  • Minnesota: Tatiana originally from Moldova, was invited by Moldova Butterflies Aliona and Angie.
  • S. Florida: Julie, was invited by her sister Tanya who leads Butterfly jail group in Florida.
  • E. Florida: Liberty was invited by Butterfly Ricki-Lynn who leads a Butterfly group in N. Carolina.
  • Orlando: Laurie from Athletes in Action was invited by Butterflies Linda and Kathy during their weekly Butterfly group.
  • Orlando: Jane, Ruth and Sandy were invited by Butterfly Theresa, who leads a butterfly group in the healing prayer ministry which they are all part of in Orlando.
  • Orlando: Assiria, originally from Brazil, was invited by Brazil butterfly Marli who leads butterfly groups in Brazil.

ea3df50d-e65b-4f35-a3a8-03240c735e75It is an awesome responsibility seeing God drawing these women to Love UnVeiled. He has a purpose to draw each one closer to Himself, to transform and heal, to re-build and renew, to refill and restore, to equip and empower, and to send them back to their communities and families, overflowing with His Spirit.

The enemy hates believers experiencing healing, identity and freedom because they begin to multiply! There have been many attacks and attempts of the enemy to derail this workshop. But God has strengthened us by His Spirit to increase our prayers and our dependency on Him so that His will be done!

Prayer: I value your prayer covering this weekend as we meet from Thursday evening through Monday evening:

  • Pray the Holy Spirit will shine His light and truth into our hearts as we open up His word.
  • Pray for chains to be broken, freedom from lies and bondage, healing for deep heart wounds.
  • Pray that God’s purpose for every woman will be accomplished and each one will experience a touch from Jesus that will change her life and empower her to be His witness and minister to others.
  • Pray the technology will work.
  • Pray families are safe and well so there are no distractions at home for women.
  • Pray God will have all the glory and honor this week-end.

Thank you for praying, and for giving as the Lord lays it on your heart to help us continue making Spirit filled disciples among women who will build His kingdom around the world!

May the Lord greatly bless you!
With warm love in our Lord Jesus

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