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North Carolina to Florida, Brazil & Moldova!

Dear praying friend and partner,

I returned last night from a week of ministry in N. Carolina with our butterflies and ministry partners in NC who are an integral part of helping us equip women to reach women in the Appalachian mountains, an area of great poverty, addiction and abuse. I am deeply grateful for the sweet partner relationships God has provided through those who open their hearts and homes to pray with me and support our ministry in many practical and loving ways as together we bring others to freedom in Jesus.

God is moving among women in this area of NC under the faithful leadership of our butterfly leaders Samantha and Ricki Lynn and those they are mentoring to live transformed, regenerated lives through freedom in Jesus. They hosted a wonderful event for 200 women in their community to hear testimonies of women set free from bondage, alcohol and drug abuse. One butterfly testified that she was a refugee asylum seeker who found civil freedom in the US, but has also found spiritual freedom in Jesus who set her free from Muslim bondage.

God is opening a new door with a partner church in NC through our butterfly Nan, and her women’s ministry leader who longs to bring women in her church closer to the heart of God. Lord willing they will come with their ministry team to Orlando in March 2019 for LUV Workshop One, to begin our 3 year journey to equip them to disciple women in their church through transformation and freedom, and to reach more women in N. Carolina.

Back in Orlando, I value your prayers tomorrow as I lead a four day Workshop for butterflies coming from Moldova, Brazil, South Florida and Avalon, Orlando for Workshop 6. I have witnessed the Holy Spirit transforming these women’s lives as they come every 6 months hungry to know God, to be renewed, transformed and equipped to reach women. Since our last workshop in May they have been multiplying and bringing other women to the heart of God in their countries. Some are going beyond their own countries;

Brazil butterfly, Marli flew from Orlando to Albania in May to lead a LUV workshop for Brazilian missionaries, equipping them to reach Albanian women with the Butterfly training. Last month also she led a LUV workshop in Brazil for Brazilian missionaries to Angola, Mozambique and India. Last weekend she led a group of Brazilian leaders through a LUV workshop bringing healing and freedom to these women so that they will be able to multiply and bring freedom to other women in Brazil.

In Moldova, Angie and Aliona have been translating LUV materials into Romanian, leading butterfly groups in their city and reaching women in a closed, very difficult unreached region of Moldova. Angie also continues to lead a butterfly group of 20 women in a Moldova prison every week. At our last workshop she presented me with two beautiful frames of paper butterflies made by the women in prison. I treasure these pictures! They also sent me their beautiful testimonies of what God is doing in their butterfly group under Angie’s leadership:

  • “Grace to this wonderful course, I found out I am a princess and the beloved daughter of God”
  • “Butterfly group helped me find the answers I was looking for. Instead of hating my enemies I learned to have mercy, forgive and pray for them.”
  • “While studying this course I realized I am a fragile creature in His hands, that will die without Him. I am absolutely safe in His arms.”
  • “During this course I realized how precious I am in God’s eyes. I also learned that I turned from a caterpillar into a butterfly and need to live like a butterfly.”
  • “This has helped me to feel free and discover the wounds I received in my childhood. I started seeing myself as a child of God and a woman of God.”

In S. Florida, Tanya continues to lead women to freedom and transformation in the county jail. This week we will sign a contract between LUV and the jail for a Love UnVeiled pod, a dedicated area in the jail for women to attend LUV discipleship teaching 5 days a week under Tanya’s leadership! This was initiated by the sheriff who has been so impressed by the transformation he has witnessed taking place in the women’s lives. God has also opened doors for Tanya to teach LUV discipleship every week to women in a second jail in S. Florida.

In Avalon, Orlando, Tracie, women’s ministry leader has been leading a group of young believers in a study to help them navigate and understand God’s word.

Betty is coordinating prayer for Love UnVeiled leaders around the world, a vital part of our ministry to support our butterflies who are often isolated in the areas where they minister.

Prayer Needs:

  • Pray for our new NC butterfly groups being led to freedom by Samantha and Ricki Lynn, and for the new work God will do among women through Liz and Nan.
  • Pray for our butterflies coming this weekend from near and far and for their ministries outlined above. Pray for Aliona, Angie, Betty, Gloria, Kris, Marli, Tanya and Tracie.
  • Every woman is coming in need of spiritual refreshment and a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. Pray we will receive an out pouring of His living water as we worship and spend time in prayer and the word.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit will refresh and prepare me to deliver the message He wants me to bring to our butterflies this weekend for their encouragement.
  • Pray for release from bondages, for healing of wounds and greater freedom to worship and serve the Lord in Spirit and in truth.
  • Many of our group have been experiencing health issues. Pray for physical healing for Gloria, Tanya, Angie and Tracie.
  • Pray for restoration and healing for those experiencing personal, family and relationship issues.
  • Pray we will be strengthened by His love and power to endure and persevere in the battle for freedom in the hearts of women around the world and in our communities.

With deep love and gratitude. May the Lord bless you and provide all that you need in your own relationship with Him.


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled

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