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Dear friend,

We have many needs to continue equipping and empowering women around the world like Susan (read her story here). Your prayers and financial gifts help us to train, equip and support women to reach the lost and broken in the Middle East, India, S.E. Asia, Nigeria, Kenya, Poland, Russia, Honduras, Peru, Mongolia, England, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. Other women are requesting training and tools in Greece, Italy, France, Chile and Australia.

Would you prayerfully consider what the Lord may be laying on your heart to pray and invest financially to help and support our Butterflies bring healing and freedom in Jesus to women around the world.

Immediate Needs List

  1. Flight Sponsors: $2,000 per individual round trip: Flight sponsors make it possible for international women from countries such as Chile, Italy, and Greece attend LUV Butterfly training.
  2. Lead Butterfly Trainer Flight Sponsor: $3,000: Training and Ministry outreach in the U.S.
  3. Leadership Sponsors: $300 per woman: Sponsors are needed to enable women to attend LUV Butterfly Workshop One training. This includes 4 days of training and a starter Tool Kit (Leader & Discipleship manuals, flip charts, puppets, and Magdalena DVD).
  4. Continued Training Sponsorship: $200 per workshop: Sponsors are needed to enable women to attend LUV Butterfly Workshop Two – Workshop Six training. These are four day training sessions.
  5. Printing of LUV Butterfly Training Workbooks: $1,000: Printing is for 100 leader manuals and 100 disciple manuals.
  6. Printing of LUV Butterfly Story Flip Charts: $1,000: Printing is for 100 flip charts.
  7. Designing and Printing of New Evangelism Butterfly Story Booklet: $700
  8. Spanish Translation – LUV Butterfly Workbooks 2-6: $200 each translation
  9. Butterfly Leader/In-Country National Monthly Support: $250 per month
  10. In-Country Office: $100 per month
  11. Mentor Training 2015 – Flight to S.E. Asia Follow Up 2015: $4,000

Donate today through our secure online giving form or send us your donation by mail: Love UnVeiled, PO Box 560597, Orlando, FL 32856

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