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Dear partner and friend,

Thank you for praying for our Workshops and weekly discipleship groups meeting in person and on-line across the world in recent weeks.  It has been an intense season of ministry encouraging women to be overcomers in this uncertain time.

Let’s Get Real Highlights October 2020 Thank you for praying for our Let’s Get Real event for women – Overcoming in an Overwhelming World, last month.  After months of masks, social distancing and political tension, women were hungry for this time in God’s presence and in fellowship with each other. The Holy Spirit was present with us in the anointed worship, messages on overcoming the World, the Flesh and the Devil, and powerful testimonies. (You can watch the full event on our YouTube channel – click link here).  In-spite of Covid-19 restrictions, 125 women from central and south Florida, believers, and those not yet believers, attended the event in person.   For the first time, using live stream technology, over 150 butterflies and others joined online from across the USA, Southeast Asia, Europe and South America. 300 more viewed online after the event.   

Some responses from women attending in person and online:

“I have been to church before, though I am not a church goer, this was different. Today I was able to understand the Word!”

“I loved that women around the world were able to join together like this. It was such a realization of the worldwide movement we are part of!”

“The Word came alive for me for the first time. I have not experienced God like that before.” 

“Let’s Get Real was a treat! I left feeling more restful and at peace than I have in months. The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully!

France Butterfly Leader –It was wonderful to join you online and follow Let’s Get Real. I hope you will renew the experience. We were many following from outside Orlando. It was a good way to spread the blessing.”

Southeast Asia Butterfly Leader – “Wow, what a blessed and amazing time. It was awesome to join you. The Word touched and encouraged me. Thank God and the Orlando LUV team for this time together to worship the Lord.

Card Testimonies – Butterfly leaders shared words describing how they have felt during COVID, words everyone could related to.  It was a powerful moment as each one turned their cards over to declare words of how Jesus has helped them to overcome.  

“Disappointed, angry, lonely, frustrated are the words I identify with. Today I have been refreshed, renewed, and healed because Jesus is my refuge, my joy, my peace and I’m grateful. Hallelujah!!!” – Cindy, Butterfly watching live stream from Arizona.

Butterfly Aliona was able to watch online from Moldova!

You can watch the full video of our Let’s Get Real: Overcoming in an Overwhelming World event by clicking on this link to our YouTube channel.

Jail Testimonies

Ex-inmate butterflies shared powerful testimonies of transformation from our jail ministry in S. Florida where butterfly leader Tanya faithfully disciples women in our Love UnVeiled God-Pod, a unit dedicated to women in the jail who want to know God. Their testimonies are available online, but here is summary of how God has changed their lives through His word (shared with their permission):

Karla – “I love the Lord’s discipline because it has really done me good. I thank him for having transformed me as He does butterflies. His discipline taught me and showed me how much He loves me. I honor Him because with His powerful hand He pulled me out of a sea of sins, pain, sadness and unforgiveness. For the first time I recognize the difference between joy and happiness. My joy was measured by situations, but His mercy came, and now my joy is daily. He brought freedom to my captive soul, a sad and lonely soul. His Holy Spirit has transformed me into a strong character that now flows out from deep inside my heart. I bless the ministry Love UnVeiled. It prepared me for the world, it helped open my spiritual eyes and my ears to hear the Holy Spirit.”

Sheila – “My dark period started when I took God off the throne of my heart and replaced Him with a man. I became delusional in my own addiction of drinking. My life as I knew it as a happy child of God was gone and multiple incidents led to arrest.  Today I understand that I was not just arrested that night, I was chosen by God to be saved. In the LUV God-Pod He revealed all the evil works of the enemy, Satan, and how he had been attacking my life. I re-discovered who I was in God’s eyes. I am a daughter of the King, a warrior, an overcomer, delivered and empowered.

 I was incarcerated with horrible sleeping accommodations, food that I would never ever make at home, no privacy in showering or using the bathroom, and unbelievably cold, cold temperatures – and I was happier than I had been in years because God was back on the throne of my heart. Love UnVeiled nurtured me back to life. Through reading the bible in a way I never had before I began to heal.  Jeremiah 31:4 ‘Again I will rebuild you and you will be rebuilt.’”

All thanks and glory to God and our Lord Jesus Christ who is still transforming lives and giving us power to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil by His Spirit and His truth! 

Thank you so much for your generous partnership in prayer and in giving to help us continue to lead women to freedom in Jesus Christ.

Yours in His love


Founder & Executive Director

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