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IndiaGroupThis week BBC reported how families in the wealthy state of Maharashtra, India have grown accustomed to the country’s “stark preference for boys”. Because of this, it was common practice not to give a name to a second daughter (or any daughters that followed). Instead, they were called “Nakusha,” which means “unwanted.” This was the name given to three girls featured in a BBC news special. Like hundreds of other girls, they responded to “unwanted.” They felt rejected, embarrassed, annoyed, and even unloved.

But, the local government is working to change this and recently held a name ceremony for many girls like the three in the story. They received real names and for the first time a real “earthly” identity. (Read story here.)

Love UnVeiled has been working in Maharashtra for 8 years now sharing with women that they not only have an earthly identity, but also an eternal identity through Jesus Christ.

Asha was in our first three year Butterfly group for leaders which we started in India 2008. Asha was a teacher and her husband a Pastor. We became good friends and Pastor often asked me to speak in his church.

In 2011 they went through some deeply painful times in ministry turning their lives and their hearts upside down. Today I was thrilled to receive this email from Asha and to know the Lord has brought them through the valley to new ministry. Their experience has better equipped and empowered them to reach the hard places and broken hearted of India. She refers in her email to 19 baptisms.

Baptism is a serious commitment in India. New believers are often walking away from their family’s faith, Islam or Hinduism. It is a courageous public declaration to their families of the change they have made, often leading to persecution.

Here’s Asha’s Thanksgiving Update:

Dear Sister Liz, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am now leading a group of ten women every Thursday. We have been through four workbooks. Now the lessons you gave are almost over and the ladies are keen to learn more. Will you please send more materials or books to continue! I am enjoying teaching. Because of Love UnVeiled, God has changed my life!

I have so many things to tell you. I need more workbooks so I can start new classes. In one group there are Muslim, Brahmin and highly educated women and men. All take part in our discussions. We all pray for you and for your ministry.  

Pastor is well. In our church now, we have nearly 19 baptized, 9 children passed 10th standard and are doing collage. By grace we have 20 orphan children. Only God is helping us in our ministry.

Closing with love and prayer, LUV Butterfly, Asha

IndiaGroup2LUV India Leader, Martha, shares Thanksgiving praises from a new group of leaders in East Maharashtra!

I was so blessed to see our Butterflies trained and equipped to help the pastor and their church during a gospel outreach meeting.

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