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Dear friend,

Butterfly Brenda and her husband were missionaries in North Thailand for many years, until the Lord called them back to North Carolina about 3 years ago. In 2012 Brenda joined our LUV Transformation Discipleship workshops to equip her to minister to women in a housing project with over 1000 women, many single moms.

Statistics show the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina have the highest levels of abuse and poverty among women in the US. Brenda describes her work among these women as far more challenging than her ministry among the unreached in Thailand. We asked her about her ministry and how LUV partners can pray for her;

1. What are the conditions for women and children in NC? In our area there are many single moms that live in low income government housing. Most of them want a better life but feel trapped. Many never finished high school. It is hard for them to find jobs that will support them and their children. They have learned how to survive in their present state of dependence on government support.

2. What is your heart and vision for reaching these women in NC? Many of these women suffer from very low self esteem due to abuse, lack of education, and unhappy relationships. I want them to know they are special because they are a creation of God. Only God can transform their lives and give them hope and a purpose.

3. How can LUV help you reach these women? The LUV workshops are great tools in helping me understand and minister to the ladies in our area.

4. How can LUV partners pray for you?

  • Pray for me as I train Ann and Candie in Workshop 1. (these ladies are strong Christians with a desire to share God’s love with others. ​
  • ​ Pray for a person of peace in the housing project area where we can meet with other women.
  • Pray that these women’s eyes will be opened to their need for Christ in their lives.

Thank you for praying for all our Butterflies in ​North Carolina: Karen, Judy, Brenda, Samantha, Theresa, Nikki, Roberta,  Marta, Wendy, Colleen and Lou. We’re asking that God will use them to shine His love and healing into the hearts of these desperate women.  ​

​Yours with deepest gratitude for your prayers and support.

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