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Dear friends,

April was an amazing month with so much spiritual movement going on through our butterflies world-wide despite world chaos and trauma. I’ve heard so many testimonies of transformation and multiplication, yet it has been hard to find time to share them all with you. Here are just a few of the ways God has been working.

In Orlando, we’ve had several workshops and a group commissioning where the Holy Spirit moved deeply and powerfully. Last Saturday at our “LET’S GET REAL” event we spent a day discovering “Our Powerful Compassionate God.” 120 women attended in person from diverse backgrounds, ages and ethnicities, and over 180 viewed online. So many sweet moments as we encountered God’s power and compassion.

I’d love to share more in another email, but today I’m sharing an update with prayer requests from Diana our Butterfly leader in Lithuania.

Diana flew to Orlando from Lithuania last month for the first time since 2019 due to Covid 19. She came for her group’s final workshop and Commissioning! “She wrote later – for me to come to Orlando was to climb the mountain top.” It was an amazing weekend – I will elaborate more on this in another email.

After returning to Lithuania, Diana sent these prayer requests as spiritual multiplication continues:

Over Easter one Lithuania butterfly Ruta, shared the Butterfly Story with prisoners in the men’s prison where she is working! 7 groups (7-8 men in each) signed up to come and listen to the Easter story with Butterflies. Men in 4 groups were very touched. Please pray that the seed will find good earth in their hearts and will grow and that a Christian man will follow them up.

Another Lithuania butterfly, Aukse, shared the Butterfly Story at school right before Easter. The atmosphere was warm and open. She felt she could pray a repentance prayer aloud, so she did. Pray God continues to work in that school.

Urgent Prayer for tomorrow (May 6, 2022)

Tomorrow morning 10:30am (4:30am US Eastern) Diana is meeting with 15-20 Ukraine refugee women who she met last Friday. They are all non-believers. She is going to share the Butterfly Story. Diana told me, “Although you see smiling faces in the photo, when we are talking and looking into their eyes there is so much pain and wounding. They asked me to share hope with them. They know I am a Christian. I decided the best way I can share hope is to share the Butterfly Story with the puppets.” Please pray God’s anointing on Diana to bring His words of healing, hope and comfort to these women whose hearts are so broken. Pray they will encounter God through Jesus as Diana shares the gospel using the Butterfly analogy.

Starting tomorrow, Diana will also be leading a Love UnVeiled workshop weekend with one of the groups of women she is discipling. Pray that God will touch the deepest parts of women’s hearts. We need more butterflies transformed and set free to minister to the broken hearted in Eastern Europe!

Thank you for praying that our God who comforts the down cast, will use Diana to bring comfort to all these women.

Yours in His love,


President and Executive Director

Love UnVeiled, Inc.

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