Judy, Jail Ministry, Florida

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“Over the past 4 years the Lord has worked in my life through Love UnVeiled. Previously I placed my value in my role as a wife and a mother but now I know my identity is first as God’s daughter and that He loves me with no conditions.

I have come to know the Lord through His Word in a more intimate way.  As I study His Word it now goes into my heart and spirit not just in my mind. 

The Lord has transformed me in many ways but most of all by removing fears that I had because of relationships and events in my past.  I was always the peacemaker.  I had a fear of conflict, rejection, and ridicule.  The Lord showed me that if I trust in Him, step out in faith, and receive, He sets me free. 

One of my fears was standing in front of a large group of people and speaking.  I was encouraging one of the ladies that I minister to in the jail to share with me as she seemed to be afraid to share.  I shared with her my fear of standing in front of a group and speaking.  She challenged me, that if I taught a class, she would share with me.  I knew that God was speaking through her.  As I struggled with my fear, the Lord showed me that He is my strength and to trust Him.  I taught the class by His strength and through the power of His Spirit.

 As I have come to know God more and love Him and know that I am loved by Him; I can trust Him.  He continues to set me free as I trust Him, step out in faith, and allow Him to transform me.  He is showing me how to speak the truth in love regardless of how it is accepted.  God speaks to us in many ways as He did to me through this woman.  I have learned to be alert to hear His voice and receive His message and act on it.  The next week when I visited her, she told me she enjoyed the class and she openly shared with me over the following months. 

The Lord has also shown me what a gift it is to be able to be in a group of women that love you and accept you and that you can share with and grow closer together in the Lord.  I am forever grateful for how the Lord has worked in my life through the ministry of Love UnVeiled.”

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