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​Dear friend, ​

I read a powerful exhortation in the book ​ ​A Public Spectacle​ ​this morning​; ​” Stand up and Roar!” I laughed because I can barely squeak or talk as I write this! The sharp pain in my throat last week progressed to losing my voice. Today is Day 5 with no voice- although perhaps​ there are ​​now ​signs of a croak​​!

Resting my voice at home, I smashed my foot walking into a piece of furniture!  Now croaking and hobbling, the Lord had my attention. I am humbled that He will go to such lengths to be alone with me, and I’m aware He has something to say.

Shut up in my cocoon, I’ve been listening to a song which like the book, made me laugh, but has filled my spirit with truth in it’s simple​,​ yet powerful message; (I share the link below​. I hope it blesses you​).

“I can’t even stand without holding His hand. The mountain’s too high, The valley’s too wide. It’s down on my knees that I learn to stand I can’t even walk without holding His hand!”

Isaiah 64:7 says “There is no one who calls on Your Name, who stirs Himself up to take hold of You!”

Weakness stirs me to take Hold of Him. I am thankful for His reminder. I want to be stirred to take Hold of Him, to take hold of Him for His will, for His Spirit to fill me, to fill our Butterflies, for us to know  Hi​m more, His​ love, His power and​His ​
boldness to reach His world, to show Himself strong on our behalf​ ​for His glory. Without His stirring I become complacent​ and content. But the Lord is looking for those who will stir themselves up to take Hold of Him, who want more of Him and more of His Presence in our lives. What freedom in acknowledging that I can’t even stand without holding His hand – but with God, all things are possible!

Workshop Praise & Answered Prayer

Thank you for praying for our​ Workshop last weekend. What a great battle before and during th​is​ training. It was tangible and thick. And totally in​​ congru​ent to the small group of women who in the world’s eyes and even the church, would appear very insignificant.

But the battle indicates that the enemy is not happy with what God is doing and going to do through these women who are called to minister​under the radar, ​
in some of the world’s darkest and strongest areas of Satan’s strongholds​; ​
Nigeria, Kenya, Russia and the USA.

Praise and Highlights.

  • M from Russia shared the rescue and rehab of girls being trafficked from Nigeria to Russia. It is dangerous and difficult work. God is using her to connect with​these ​women​. We learned that the word for Butterfly in Russian is also prostitute!! Praise God​ H​e ​overcame tha​t hurdle​ when M shared with one of the women and her eyes were opened to the meaning of spiritual transformation!  Marina said she continues to travel to Orlando for the spiritual refreshing and empowerment she experiences in the teaching and fellowship with our Butterflies.


  • T​he Lord​ planted a seed in ​​our ​Nigeria Butterfly ​J’s hear to help the girls being  escued and sent home to Nigeria​ from Russia, and to raise awareness to prevent trafficking among Nigerian girls. We pray God will fulfill this vision and provide His leading and resources​ when she eventually returns home​ to Nigeria. We thank the Lord, her daughter was well during the Workshop with non of her previous health incidents.
  • T’s mother was in ICU with life threatening condition after 2 heart attacks last week. Praise God she recovered consciousness on Day 3 of our workshop.


  • Ch is back from Kenya for a time of respite but is still leading groups and helping women find freedom in Jesus in Ohio. The Lord has brought her home to restore her health, her finances and her emotions. The workshop was a time of restoration for her.​ Pray all her needs are met! ​

Ta confessed she was not a communicator until the Lord consumed her with His love and opened her voice. Now she​has a bold voice for Him and is ​discipling several broken women in East Orlando.​ Praise God there was no damage to Ta or her car in her accident last week!

​After studying the ​power of the Holy Spirit in the ​New Testament​disciples we experienced a sweet and powerful out pouring of the Holy Spirit on our group.​We​all ​felt it was the breakthrough in the battle we had​each been experiencing before and during the workshop!
Praise God I had a voice for the duration of the workshop! Though it was hard to hear, the Lord used my weakening voice to cause us to lean into Him to listen to HIS still small voice.

Thank you so much for your prayers​!!​ ​Many of you wrote that we could expect to see breakthrough and we did.

​I expect​,​ and ask you to pray with me that God will continue doing a great work in these women​. He has called and is preparing​them ​to courageous and bold outreach in the power of His Spirit​. Pray that they will continually be stirred to seek and take Hold of Him!   ​


​Yours humbly in His Love​


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