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KristaHondurasOur Butterfly Krista has just finished her second Workshop with women in Honduras. It was a blessing to receive the photo of her butterflies holding their butterfly puppets as they learn more about their freedom and identity in Jesus.Thank you for your prayers and for giving to reach these women in Honduras. Here are some highlights from Krista’s email…

​ It was special to hear how each woman felt drawn to a certain butterfly. It revealed quite a bit about how they saw themselves and areas they felt God was refining them.

Sunday morning began with communion. We then discussed God’s plan to heal us and restore our relationship with Him. To some this was quite a relief as they felt God was distant and not interested in their personal wounds. Others were unsure of God’s continued care. They thought perhaps too much time had passed and God gave up on them. This of course is not true and God reassured them of this through the teaching. We finished our time together identifying what gifts we have to serve God. Finally, we identified who we need to forgive. I was very encouraged that as I asked how their hopes of what God would do over the weekend compared to what He did for them I received 100% thumbs up. God is so good.

A young woman for whom this was her second workshop, has gone back to school. She only finished the sixth grade. After the workshop last year, she prayed asking God what she should do. She felt God said to go to school. This requires her to go alone to school. Last year, we prayed for her to be delivered from the fear of going out on her own and now she is resuming her education. 
The above young woman’s mom was also at the workshop. This woman, is now a supervisor in the production of jewelry for a local non profit. She too was here for her second workshop and is gaining more and more confidence in her abilities. 


Several women from the States who are here teaching at a local school, joined us for the weekend. These young women have the potential to share not only here in Honduras but in there hometowns as well. Several of these women are here in Honduras seeking their purpose. Love Unveiled has helped them in this process.


These are just the highlights of what we experienced. I am so touched by the appreciation of my commitment shown by these women. None of this would be possible without your support and prayers. May God bless each of you. 
A child after God’s heart,


​In His love​


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