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Dear Friend,

“Have you ever raised the dead?” If you’ve led someone to Christ, brought healing to the broken hearted and set captives free from bondage, then you have raised the dead!” 

I was impacted by this statement in a friend’s missionary letter – and realized this is exactly what we are experiencing God do in the lives of women around the world. He is raising the dead!

This month we (LUV) celebrated our eighth year in ministry! I truly praise God for each and every moment – it is all His work!  Yes, we have witnessed God raising the dead!  Time after time, year by year, country after country, we have testimonies of women being radically transformed by God’s love, healed by His Spirit and set free to multiply His glory. Becoming the women God created them to be, they are spreading His fragrance and raising the dead to life. That is exciting!

This month we also celebrated and commissioned 8 more leaders who are impacting lives in the U.S. Europe, Poland, Peru, Kenya and Madagascar. These women have completed our three year Leadership & Discipleship training – Transform & Multiply. Their testimonies bear witness this is not a program but the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

This last workshop was a three day teaching on the Holy Spirit, empowering our leaders for where the Lord will call them. A leader with Jesus Film Project, Europe shared This training is really worth it. The Holy Spirit teaching was so good. It was great to spend three days on the Holy Spirit and not push it. This is the life, living in the Spirit, – so it is what we all need!  We had great worship and freedom in prayer during this workshop.”

Prayer partners joined us for the commissioning and heard from our leaders how the Lord has transformed them…

  • I didn’t feel like a leader but I came ​in obedience. It was a challenge. But oh, what God is doing with me, transforming me, bringing me closer and closer with Him and opening and pouring His blessings on me, He was pouring out His word in me, this is what I wanted, to know Him more and experience Him more and that is what is happening!” (This Polish butterfly is now discipling Polish women in Indianapolis!).
  • This was the best training out of the six workshops. All the masks came off and there was a new freedom in the Spirit, a transparency and a lot of joy in the group about the growth that has taken place in the three years together.” (This butterfly is a business leader in Orlando).
  • The truth has changed me and set me free. God has changed me and taken over my life in ways I could never have dreamed possible, – prayer has impacted me – now I KNOW God!”  (This butterfly disciples women in Orlando and Madagascar).
  • This was the best workshop of all! I experienced the most freedom and joy during this time. (This butterfly is discipling and equipping women in Kenya and Ohio.)
  • When I got the first letter from Liz, in Poland, I thought, “three days and three years going to the US, no way, this is quite a commitment!”  Sometimes we approach something with the thinking that it is not possible. But first it’s better to stop, think, and ask God! Don’t assume it’s too much or too long or too much time. If I hadn’t done this training I would really have missed a blessing from God.” (This butterfly is CCC Women’s Ministry Forum leader, Poland, discipling and equipping women leaders from different cities in Poland).
  • The first time I came I wasn’t committed to the three years. But God brought me back each time. There has been such a large change in me and now I’m anxious to share it with others in Peru.” (This butterfly Becky is discipling and equipping lay women and pastors wives in Peru).
  • I had a lot of Bible knowledge and principals floating around in my head. This training has pulled it all together and given me a solid foundation from which to fly. Now I can say I get it!” (This butterfly now disciples women in East Orlando).

We give all the glory to our Lord Jesus!  Please pray for our leaders as they return to their mission fields. Pray the Holy Spirit will lead and empower them to do even greater things than they have already seen. Pray God will use them to multiply His glory, make disciples and raise others from death to life!

With deepest gratitude for your prayers and your giving, supporting us to “Transform and Multiply” around the world!


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled

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