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Dear friend,​

​Thank you to all who helped provide Alyona with the additional funds needed for her treatment in Moldova​! She arrives in Orlando this week for LUV Workshop 3 and it will be a joy to give her your gifts and help her get well again!I have also ​received great news from Anne, our French Butterfly. Two weeks ago Anne asked us to pray for the Agape France (CCC) Students Fall Retreat where she and her husband were speaker​s. ​

Praise God ​she reports ​the ​first new believer ​in France ​to receive Jesusannecy-and-lyon-fall-retreat2through the Butterfly Story​​!​! However – it was not a young French women, as we expected – but a young Mexican man!  An exchange student! God ​’s plans are not our plans! I’m excited to meet this young man in heaven and hear his butterfly testimony!  ​Anne shared what else God did at the Retreat among the student believers and non believers as she shared the Butterfly analogy. Here she writes……

​”​Thanks to this beautiful (Butterfly) metaphor, we were able to tackle many topics, relevant for both believers and non-believers!

We decided to speak on ‘‘Created to be Disciples Who Shine.” We tackled this theme using the metaphor of the caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly.

It was a great opportunity to share the message of the Gospel in a creative way, to speak about our new identity as children of God, as well as our role as disciples of Jesus : to know Him and to make Him known!  For when a butterfly realizes it has wings, nothing can prevent it from flying! The same with us : when we truly understand the Gospel and live the freedom that God gives us in Jesus… we naturally shine and spread His fragrance!

It was really interesting to hear the students’ reactions…..

  •  “I loved the image of the butterfly flying freely to higher heights. It’s crazy how Nature is filled with meaningful images!”
  •  “I feel like a butterfly who still carries his cocoon on his back : I’m afraid to fly because I’m afraid of the unknown… But this retreat encouraged me to trust God more”
  • “I really liked the reminder that indeed, we become butterflies (new creatures) when we receive Jesus in our lives, but that we need to learn to live as new creatures when we spend time in God’s presence and let the Holy Spirit transform us”
  • And good news​: ​at the end of the retreat, a student prayed to give his heart to Jesus!! Woohoooo !!!!!  Please pray for Mario : may his faith become stronger and more rooted as he ​​ begins his adventure with God.”

 ​​Praise and Prayer for France:

  • Praise:​ French translation of the ​​LUV Butterfly Story Transformation​ Book is complete and gone to print.
  • Pray: Transformation book will be printed on time for the Women’s Conference November 11.

  • Pray: for Women’s Conference​ “With Zeal” Nov 11; for Marie Carmen, Anne and the team. God has been opening doors and making a way where there seemed no way. Continue to pray for the logistics.

  • ​Pray women will come with expectant and humble hearts to hear from the Lord and be challenges about what He is calling His daughters to be and to do in these days.

  • Pray: that God will fill our Butterflies in France with His boldness, wisdom and power to bring Spiritual transformation to believers and non believers in France!

Thank you for praying for our Butterflies in France!! I can​’​t wait to share with you what God is doing in Brazil ​​​as ​our Butterfly Marli flies to Orlando this week for her third workshop​ – and what God is doing in Orlando and South Florida…..​

I love you
​! Thank​ ​you for praying that God will continue multiplying His kingdom through our Butterflies world wide!

In His love


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled

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