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Shared with Bernina’s permission

Bernina, experienced transformation and real freedom in jail being discipled by Tanya and our jail ministry team in South Florida. 

Four days after she was released from jail in March 2020, Tanya sent her to join my workshop in Orlando, to continue her discipleship journey. God continued His transforming work. 

 A year later in April 2021 Bernina gave her testimony at our Let’s Get Real event sharing God took a death certificate so that I could have a birth certificate!” 

3 months later, struggling to find work during Covid, she was unable to pay her monthly court fees, and was inadvertently sent back to jail.  But God’s ways are not our ways! Due to Covid lockdowns Tanya and her team were unable to visit the jail in person for over a year. They were deeply concerned for the pain of women inside who were crying on their phone meetings. We sensed that perhaps God may be sending Bernina back to bring hope to women inside.

Three months later, with Tanya’s help and much prayer from our butterfly groups, Bernina was released from jail. I spoke with her by phone the following day. Her testimony was powerful!…

Miss Liz, all my life I have been used by human beings and men. But – it felt SO good to be used by my Daddy!! God did an amazing work! I’m so in love with Him! Going back to jail was like a spiritual retreat! He loves me and wants to use me! That feels so good. Every young lady He put me in a cell with, had problems. They were all struggling. I felt strong. I was able to speak to them about God, encourage them, give them His word and share my faith in Him.” 

What the enemy intended to use to destroy and defeat Bernina, God had once again turned for her good, for the good of the women, and for His glory!!! 

During her time in jail Bernina met a young mother who was concerned about her 4-year old daughter whose father had also just been incarcerated. On her release Bernina took over guardianship of the 4-year-old girl who now lives with her. 

Bernina’s daughter is also in prison, and Bernina is raising her 3 young grandsons. She told me “We never know why God allows some things. My daughter was so rebellious, but now she sees how I love her and how God loves her. I share Love UnVeiled teaching with her! She is growing in the word in prison. She will be an excellent mother when she comes out. That’s why she’s in there. For transformation. God does amazing, miraculous things in our lives for His glory.”  

God has indeed continued to show His glory.  He provided Bernina with a job so she can now make her court payments. She is teaching her grandchildren and guardian daughter the word and how to worship. In April this year Bernina filled a table at our Let’s Get Real event bringing family and friends from S. Florida, including her mother and aunt. God is now doing a transforming work in their lives!

Bernina joined us last week for our workshop in Orlando, making it from S. Florida the day after Hurricane IAN. God continued His healing and transformation. She wrote “I got so much from this weekend – to God be the glory! I’m so in love with God, He is my Husband, a new light was opened in my life this weekend, thank you so much!”

Bernina is an example of Isaiah 61:1-4; the redemptive, miracle working power of Jesus to heal her heart, set her free, transform her life from brokenness to beauty for His glory and empowering her to rebuild the broken generations in her own family.  She is a radiant ambassador of God’s love to all of us.

Bernina’s daughter will be released from prison next month. Pray for her protection coming back into the world, that she will not be caught back in the snare of the enemy but that she will continue to want to follow Jesus and grow under the leading and guiding of her mother’s faith and teaching.

To God be the glory!!

Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled

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