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I drew them with gentle cords, with bands of love, and I was to them as those who take the yoke from their neck. I stooped and fed them. Hosea 11.4      

​Dear friend, can you remember a time when your deep inner pain was so bad you couldn’t breathe? The internal wound was so deep, your agony so unspeakable it affected your thinking, your breathing, even your physical body. 

Deep inner wounds
, these are the wounds that crush or numb us.
Wounds on our heart drain a woman of her life-giving spirit, her joy and her vitality. Spiritual and emotional captivity is the enemy’s greatest strategy affecting the very source of our life, our hearts. 

Millions of women – and men around the world, and in our community today are living in the brokenness of physical, spiritual and emotional captivity.

The Statue of Liberty
stands as a noble and powerful symbol of freedom to America and the world. Originally named by sculptor Bartholdi “Liberty Enlightening The World.
Bartholdi was right, freedom flies against the darkness. T​he woman of liberty is holding a torch representing the light that brings freedom to the world.

 ​Today is a celebration, and reminder of the great value Americans place on their freedom. A high price was paid for freedom from oppression and bondage. We fight to keep that freedom, and we fight for others to have that freedom.

As the Statue of Liberty is a light of freedom
and home to exiles from around the world
I believe we the church and Bride of Jesus, is to be a mighty woman of freedom holding ​up ​His light, His power and His love, showing the way to freedom to a world in darkness, captivity and pain!

In our captivity only something greater than our self will draw us out of brokenness and bondage. We need help greater than ourselves; Greater Love, Greater Hope, Greater Trust, Greater Safety. This is what Jesus offers. He has opened the door to freedom through His death. We who have run to Him for refuge, have found beautiful safety, shelter and healing in the Presence of Jesus. His death removed the veil which separated us from God’s love and kept us captive to the enemy.

Through Jesus we are no longer captives.  He came to rescue us from bondage, He has set us free and whom the Son set free is free indeed! We have something to celebrate today! Are we desperate and willing for others to have this freedom we have found?

God is waiting in the darkness beckoning us to join Him in the darkest corners of our world where the wicked one has bound up the hearts of men and women. God has heard their cries and He is waiting for us, who have experienced His love and freedom to be His light, His love and His hope to the captives. It may be your neighbor, it may be your workmate or it may be men and women you don’t know yet.

Ask Him to show you who needs His love and healing today. We are the mighty woman of freedom holding out His torch of love and light to a world in darkness, pain and bondage – show them the way to freedom in Jesus –

​U​nveil​” His love today.

Here at our sea-washed sunset gates shall stand a might woman with a torch. Whose name is Mother of Exiles. From her beacon hand glows worldwide welcome.”  Emma Lazarus.

 “Liberty comes as light. It makes obvious the dark invisible sufferings of those who are chained.  Liberty is bold, it breaks down walls, it faces giants, it strengthens the weak, it comforts the lonely and it gives hope to the poor and oppressed. While light makes no noise, it cannot be silenced.  It leaks through the fissures between our hands, it spills over the runs of canyons and flies in space from new born stars” Bartholdi was right, freedom flies against the darkness. “Freedom enlightens the world


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