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Prayer request from Anne reaching students this weekend:  

“Dear Liz, this weekend Pierre and I ​(Anne) will be speakers ​at​ a student retreat! We’ll be teaching with the Butterfly story: how to be butterflies who shine and fly free for Christ​! ​ We’ll use the caterpillar butterfly puppets and the pictures of the ​Butterfly flip-chart too! I mostly pray the holy spirit will speak through us during the 3 teaching times. Really, we hope it will touch the students’ hearts and who knows, maybe some caterpillars will decide to become butterflies this weekend?!!  Thanks ​for your teaching which has had repercussions in my life that I can share with others to bless them too!”

Pray many French students will be transformed from bondage to freedom as Anne shares the gospel with the Butterfly story!

Urgent prayer request from Marie Carmen, France:
“Dear Co workers in the French mission field! We just had a skype meeting with the group organizing the conference “Avec Z’Elles” (With Zeal). We feel a urgent need of prayer – we are against a wall of NO and we don’t understand why except the warfare!

Please pray for a release of YES!

– Yes for registrations,

– Yes for involvement in the ministry, 

– Yes for the worship

– Yes for …I know we pray and serve the God of the impossible and I choose to trust Him.
– Pray against discouragement
– Please pray as the Lord leads you to pray for us.
Thank you for being there, close to us, supporting this project , committed along with us, we are not alone, It is so important for me to have you!”

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