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Dear friend,

God is doing SO much among our Butterflies world wide, it’s hard to know what to share.  But I’ll start by saying THANK YOU for praying for our Workshop last weekend!

Once again the Holy Spirit worked powerfully IMG_4177-6 (2)bringing transformation, healing and freedom in the lives of women who joined us for the first time from Lithuania and around the USA. They came to be equipped to reach other women, but found that God wanted to work in their own lives.  We experienced several unexpected interruptions, but God used all of it to bring us to a place of greater transparency and freedom.

These are some of the precious testimonies women shared: 

I haven’t felt this spiritually free in a long time.  No, I haven’t EVER been this free! Thank you, LORD! “

Thankful for your passion to bring others to a deeper level of loving Jesus and finding our identity which enables us to love more deeply, too. Being engaged in this process together brings life to me.”

I can honestly say that a stronghold was uprooted for me. I feel more open, lighter, free-er …my wings are a little stronger. ”

I have regained the childhood I lost.  My soul will dance! “

God removed a major obstacle from my past. He has given me new freedom and joy. I can fly.

Some friends who met with two of our butterflies after the training wrote;
They both were very excited about the training and look forward to the next one in October.  Both their husbands told us they had been sharing with friends what the training meant to them and were encouraging a few of them to consider the training for themselves.”

One butterfly shared that she was clueless as to why she should come and was expecting a training that she could take away to use in her ministries. What she did not expect was how personal and real the training was for her as a person. ”     

I am in awe of all the Lord is doing through His daughters. While the Holy Spirit was working in our group in Orlando, I was also receiving reports from our Butterflies in other parts of the world who were experiencing God working among them…   

FRANCE:  Butterfly Marie Carmen was in French-1505425933670_transformationfrenchspeaking Africa where she shared the Butterfly Story in English with a woman from Pakistan, and in French (Le Papillon) with a group of 9 local people.  She wrote “I was excited for these opportunities outside of my country!”  Next month, Marie Carmen will lead a 3- Day Avec Z’Elle Butterfly Conference, June 6-9 in French Caribbean, Martinique!  Pray the Lord will transform women’s lives!     

S.E ASIA:  Butterfly leader Pat wrote The Highlands growth continues at a phenomenal rate!  TH will go with 3 other Butterfly leaders to one of the mountain regions in June to give Level 6 Butterfly disciple training to 300 tribal women. TH is asking for 1000 more flip charts and butterflies puppets to equip the leaders who are currently without them!!”

May2018 (2)BRAZIL: Butterfly leader Marli  led a new group of women through LUV Workshop 1 last weekend. She wrote “God brought mature and committed leaders that were eager to learn more from Him. For three and a half days, we started 8.30 in morning, stopped just to eat, and continued until late evenings 11 pm.  I am so thankful God is raising these Brazilian women willing to surrender to Him and serve Him to set others free.

INDIA: Butterfly leader “M” has been courageously speaking in different churches to 5e98b481-c537-4932-9210-eadb37cc9e7braise prayer for women facing  terrible abuse and gang rapes which are coming to light in India media.  Last weekend she also held LUV Workshop 1  for new women and wrote “It’s very hot weather and by evening of Day 1 I had body pain and fever. Day 2 each woman faced a battle to join us but each one came with a testimony to share about how God made a way.  Day 3 God did a great work in the ladies who made it through the trials to complete the 3 days.  One woman is the cell group leader in a  growing church full of new believers. She is excited to begin sharing the Butterfly teaching with these new disciples. Pray for M, for safety and courage as she opens her voice to bring hope to those who have have no voice.

Please pray: 

  • God will continue to equip and empower our Butterflies mentioned here, to boldly reach women in Lithuania, Brazil, France, Martinique,  India,  S. E Asia and USA.
  • Please pray about giving to help us raise $5,000 to equip our 300 butterflies in S.E Asia to reach 1000s ore  Un-Reached,  and $6,000 for translations of our materials in Russian, Romanian and Portuguese.
  • Workshop this weekend.  I am totally desperate and dependent on the Holy Spirit to lead our precious  Butterflies from Moldova, Brazil, S. Florida and Avalon, Orlando through their 5th Workshop as they come thirsty to be refreshed with His living water.  God is transforming and empowering these women to reach women from all ages in small groups, prisons, jails, schools, homes and churches.  Pray the Holy Spirit will continue to equip us to be women who know how to use His two edge sword to bring His love, truth and freedom to women. 

Thank you dear friend and partner for your invaluable prayers and support! 
With warm love in our Lord Jesus

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