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“I sense the supernatural and the power here. I look for the supernatural now because I feel that is what God has called us to.”

​​This was the testimony of one butterfly leaderon ​Day 3 of our workshop last weekend. Thank you for praying for our group in their fourth workshop! These godly women are in pursuit of God. He is equipping and empowering them to serve Him. There was such a sense of the Presence of God among us. It was a time of transparency, revelation, restoration and renewal. It all happened quietly and gently under the movement of the Holy Spirit as He worked through each heart.

Our focus was ​Intimacy – ​Deeper intimacy leads to greater freedom which leads to greater service.

As we pursued greater intimacy with the Lord we realized we had things that need to be dealt with in our own hearts, things that prevent deep intimacy. Understanding how God wants to be known (Hosea 6:1-6. Jeremiah 9:23), how we want to be known, and perhaps more importantly – why we don’t want to be known – led to some deep soul searching.

WK4 cEven after experiencing freedom the enemy pursues us just as he pursued the Israelites after they escaped from Egypt. With the Red Sea in front of them, they were terrified to see Pharaoh’s army chasing after them. The enemy pursues us with lies and fears, telling us we will never be free from our past. He causes offenses, betrayals, wounds and un-forgiveness to chase us so that we will never reach the true freedom and abundant life that Jesus promised. He is terrified we will finally understand the power and authority that God has given us.

WK4 gBut God performed the greatest miracle of deliverance at the Red Sea. That’s the power we trust in to deliver us, no matter how great the stronghold, how great the sin, how great the fear, how deep the pain – we believe the same power that raised Jesus from the dead will give life to our mortal souls.

As we chose to pursue deeper intimacy ​last weekend ​we cast our stones of un-forgiveness, ​ignorance, ​fear​ ​and bondage into the sea and crossed over to ​greater ​freedom by the blood of Jesus. That’s why our butterfly was able to share – “I have learned to look for the supernatural!”  

Moses wrote​​ a song of deliverance: “I will sing to the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously! The horse and his rider He has thrown into the sea. Pharoah’s chariots and his army He has cast into the sea…they sank to the bottom like a stone!”  Exodus 15.


These are our own songs of deliverance:“I have had deeper healing. I thought I knew intimacy with the Lord, but I am just beginning to understand what that is”

“I’ve been dismantling walls and stones. I am naming them and getting healing. I am forgiving and asking for forgiveness. It’s exhausting but so freeing!”

“He is opening me up to such deeper intimacy with Him. That’s been my journey this weekend.”

“There has been a bad relation with a family member for years, a lot of jealousy, insecurity and rejection. She texted me during our lesson on forgiveness this weekend. I am learning to love her and respond to her as I am learning in this room.”

“I want to take off shallow purpose and unfruitful works and pursue His purpose.”

“I sense the supernatural and the power here. I look for the supernatural now because I feel that is what God has called us to.”

​​Prayer Needs:

  • ​Pray for these precious women in their pursuit of God, that He will fill them with His Presence and empower them to bring other women to freedom.
  • Pray for one of these leaders hosting a Prayer and Worship event for women at Lighthouse Church, a LUV partner in North Orlando where her husband is pastor. Two other butterfly leaders who attend the church, from our group will be there to support her. Pray the Holy Spirit will move through their boldness​,​ to ​draw ​women in their church into a deeper experience of intimacy ​and freedom in Jesus.
  • ​Pray for Butterfly starting our first group in S. Florida, with 6 women who want to pursue freedom.


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director
Love UnVeiled

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