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Dear friend and partner,

Since I last wrote, I have been in Madrid, Spain; Bangkok, Thailand and I’m now in the UK with my family for Christmas. I feel blessed beyond words by God’s love and grace in providing this wonderful trip at the end of our 10th year of ministry, and to see new doors ​God is ​opening to the future.


God poured out His love and ​healing as the Holy Spirit met with us at the CRU Europe women leaders gathering in Madrid, where I was invited to speak by our French Butterfly, Marie Carmen. It was a precious time. I was encouraged hearing the women’s vision to mobilize women in Europe. God is opening doors for us to partner together in the coming days. I’m excited to share more about that in my next update!

​Thailand:In Bangkok I was blessed to spend Thanksgiving and the first part of December with my dear friends who pastor the “Evangelical Church of Bangkok” where believers from over 60 nations gather for worship. David and Ty have been a blessing to me in my years traveling in Asia. It was fantastic to see how this wonderful church has grown spiritually and in numbers​ based on their vision and foundation of prayer, the word and making disciples of all nations. ​During the advent services this month 80 people from different nations raised their hands for salvation!  They are a shining light in the midst of the great darkness in Bangkok.

​​UK: ​I am now with my family for Christmas. God has continued to pour out His blessing allowing me to participate with our Butterflies in the Carol Service at my father’s church, to share the Butterfly Story at my sister’s school where she is the principal, and to meet with the pastor of the church I attended as a teenager and to be invited to share the Butterfly story at his church on Christmas Eve. This invitation came about as the result of British friends ​from this church ​attending our Love UnVeiled Partner ​ Celebration in Orlando in October. They confessed that until then,​ they had only a vague understanding of what God is doing through Love UnVeiled. But hearing the testimonies first hand,​ from our Butterflies around the world, God really touched their hearts ​prompting an invitation for me to meet with their pastor in the UK this week. I appreciate your prayers for this opportunity and privilege to share with my previous home church on Christmas Eve – and for the doors God may be opening there.

​In the midst of the bad new​​s reports we hear daily from around the world, I have experienced such great joy traveling the world and hearing Christmas carols sung in different countries, languages and cultures.The lights, the carols and the Spirit of Jesus are shining over cities world wide bringing hope and joy like no other religion, organization or political agenda can do. ​In the midst of sadness, chaos ​and fear, the Good News of Jesus’ birth, Emmanuel, God with us, is still impacting the world ​whether or not the world understands it.  Let us take the opportunity to spread the fragrance, the joy and the light and the love of Jesus wherever we are this Christmas!  We have something great to celebrate – Christ in us the hope of glory!
As we celebrate Christmas this Monday would you take a moment to PRAY for our Butterflies who are ministering to the broken-hearted.
​Wishing you the joy of the Lord this Christmas, and a very very Happy and Blessed Christmas with your family and friends!🎄
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