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NC GroupDespite the snow storm changing​ ​​plans for our ​final workshop in North Carolina last week, ​the Lord ​fulfilled HIS plans. ​Thank you for praying! Our sisters from Waynesville had to leave Brevard at the end of Day 1, but the Lord even worked it out for them to be home to attend an unexpected funeral for a dear brother in their church family.

Before they left we had plenty to share and celebrate from our three year journey!

  • Karen, our Brevard ​coordinator, prayed with her son’s 45 year old Lithuanian girlfriend to receive Jesus on the phone, the previous evening! At the end of our 3 years, God has given her a new butterfly to disciple!
  • ​Closing an ​ inner healing teaching session on Day 2, we prayed for one of our group​, a strong believer​ struggling with deep wounding and un-forgiveness. The next day ​I received this text “I am filled with joy today! God has broken the chains and set me free. I feel it in my spirit!
  • 3 generations Karen, Brenda & Nan with their butterfliesOn Day 3 I met some of our leaders’ butterflies. These are our third generation of women, being disciple and mentored by Nan and Brenda. They each shared their own stories of transformation from bondage, abuse, addiction and legalism. One has already taken the Butterfly story in Spanish to Dominican Republic​!
  • The last time I visited these ​new butterflies, ​one was in bedridden with a high fever and couldn’t walk because of chronic pain in both knees. Last week she walked into our meeting a different woman. Sh​e has been transformed from ​a life of abuse and legalism to freedom in Jesus. Her physical ​disabilities have been ​heal​ed in answer to prayer. Even the doctors are amazed. She was radiant in spirit, soul and body!  She is transformed and set free to fly!
  • ​ A great blessing for me was our leaders’ testimonies of what God has done in their own lives during our three year journey!

I’m free for the first time in my walk, feeling totally loved and accepted in who I am. Being totally loved frees me to tell others. My own group of butterflies is bursting out and that’s exciting!”

“This journey has given me freedom – which is giving me freedom with others.”

“God has brought me through inner healing and the need to be better equipped in His word. This teaching helps me share with other women.”

“I wrestled with things in the past, now I can release them to the Lord.”

“This journey makes you look inward before you look outward.”

“It has made me stronger and bolder. Now I don’t work for Jesus but work from Him.

I’ve learned the blessings of obedience.”

“I am more confident and ready to share Scripture. The visual example of the butterfly helps. I am better equipped in God’s power.”

“I understand more about my identity in Christ, freedom and intimacy.”

“I need these times of refreshing from God. It ​allows me time to listen.”

“Transformation! Transformation! Transformation! – There are no shortcuts!

​​All the ​praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. ​He has transformed these women by His love, equipped them in His word, and set them free to multiply!

  • This is just the beginning….as our NC Butterflies multiply and make disciples, sharing their freedom in Christ with other women, pray that the ​​Holy Spirit will continue to fill them with boldness and power, bringing the increase of His kingdom, His healing and freedom to the broken hearted and captives, throughout North Carolina!

​​Thank you for your prayer support. We value your prayers every day! Pray for our NC butterflies.

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​​Yours with deep thankfulness,
In His Love​, Liz

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